Jun 2011 30

Earlier this week, Rihanna apparently got drunk in an L.A. nightclub. She took to Twitter to write about her crazy night. She wrote, “I officially lost my liver last night!!! Apparently, I also molested 2 girls in the club! Whoever u are . . . ladies I thank u! U made my night way 2 much fun! Atleast that’s what I heard.”

She added, “The worst part about having so much fun is not remembering any of it.”

According to Mediatakeout.com, Rihanna got so drunk that she “blacked out” and had to be taken back to her hotel.

  • Another night this week, Rihanna wrote, “I swear to Drunk, I’m not GOD!!!”

Jun 2011 30

Jay-Z is looking to reposition Rocawear from urban street wear to mainstream by launching a new campaign for the brand today (June 30th). According to Eurweb.com, the new campaign will show an eclectic mix of people from all backgrounds as poets, artists, musicians and more in 37 short videos.The hip hop mogul announced that he doesn’t see the collection as “street” or “urban.” He said, “We are a great American brand. We don’t envision ourselves as an urban brand or street wear brand. We wanted to show people how we’ve evolved and repositioned ourselves, without abandoning our original DNA. It’s all walks of life.”

He continued, “When I played the Glastonbury music festival people said a hip-hop artist couldn’t play a rock festival. But culture isn’t segmented like that any more. There’s so much cross-pollinization and the same thing is true for clothes.”

  • In addition to the new campaign, Rocawear is opening a brand showcase pop-up shop in NYC where celebrities, bloggers, radio personalities and students will be filmed, sharing their testimonies of what Rocawear means/meant to them.


Online reports say that Jay-Z and Kanye West‘s collaborative album Watch The Throne will be released digitally next week. According to The Source — an inside source confirmed that the album will hit stores on July 4th.

  • The source said, Later on this evening, (June 29th) there will be a G.O.O.D. Music event presented by Heineken and Kanye West held at a still undisclosed location in New York City. Rumors are speculating that at said event, Kanye and Jay-Z might be making an announcement about the July 4th release date.”

Jun 2011 30

Miami Heat star Chris Bosh was spotted in Las Vegas during this past weekend for a four day bachelor party. According to The New York Post, Bosh and his boys had a weekend they dubbed “The Hangover 3.” The fellas landed in Vegas on Thursday (June 23rd) and fired off a few rounds at a shooting range before heading to dinner at N9NE Steak house. On Friday (June 24th), they had dinner at Lavo before Criss Angel‘s show, “Believe” where Criss pulled Chris onstage and made him a part of the performance. Then they hit the Boom Box at Marquee. On Saturday (June 25th), they played paintball partied at Tao, before capping off the weekend on Sunday with a “Rat Pack” casino night at Caesars and a Mark Curry comedy show. Chris and Adrienne‘s wedding is set for this July in Miami.

Jun 2011 30

Police are still investigating the murder of Cali Swag District rapper M-Bone — and say that lack of witnesses are what is stalling the investigation. According to Time Magazine, Lieutenant Oscar Serrano of the Inglewood Police Department said, “When witnesses don’t want to come out and talk, that’s a challenge. It’s proven to be a challenge in these types of shootings, and it’s a challenge right now.”

Following his untimely death, locals in Inglewood say that the gunman might have been jealous of his success and that M-Bone recently feuded with someone on the internet. Serrano said, “It’s something that’s been brought to the attention of detectives, and they’re looking into whether it’s important to the investigation.”

  • As previously reported, M-Bone, born Montae Talbert, was shot to death outside of an Inglewood, California liquor store back in May.
  • Cali Swag District will release their debut album The Kickback on July 12th.

Jun 2011 29

Big Sean has claimed that Drake stole his signature “one word punchline” flow. The rapper is supposedly credited with the flow but Drake stole the spotlight as the originator. On a mixtape in 2009, the Detroit emcee rapped, “I’m supa dupa troopa/Used to the bottom, scuba…I just gave them line after line after line, barcode.” In a radio interview, he admitted that he was upset at first.

He said, “At first, I was like, ‘Man, this crazy! Everybody doing this!’ But then I thought about it and I was like, that’s not the way to be. You gotta keep it G, man. G’s don’t get mad. G’s is like, that’s what it is. They congratulate you. I changed the game, so I’ma keep changing the game. It is what it is.”

  • The rapper claimed that Drake gave him his props for originating the flow when they spoke recently.


Big Sean has opened up about the first time he met Kanye West. The rapper — who is signed to Ye’s G.O.O.D Music label, revealed that he bumrushed a local Detroit radio station at age 16 when he heard that Kanye was up there. He made his way past Kanye’s bodyguards and gave the rap star his hottest 16 bars — and ended up rapping for him for about 10 minutes. Sean said that Kanye was impressed, took his demo and listened to it for the whole day.

The rapper added that although that was the beginning of his relationship with Kanye, it actually took him a long time to get signed to G.O.O.D Music.

  • He said, [“That’s how it initially started, but even after that it took a couple of years to get signed to him. I gave up everything . . . I graduated high school with a 3.7 and had scholarships to Michigan State and I gave all that up and I was ready to go to Michigan State too. I wanted to like live on my own, I wanted to have sex with all the random girls up in college. I wanted to live that young life and I gave it up. Just for the possibility of being signed at Kanye — not even sure thing. But eventually, it all worked out.”] SOUNDCUE (:35 OC . . . all worked out.)


Indiana rapper Freddie Gibbs has given his opinion of rappers like Lil Wayne, Drake, Big Sean and Wale in his latest interview. Gibbs told Complex Magazine, “Lil Wayne makes good music, he’s one of the best rappers. You can’t take that sh*t from him.” He then started talking Drake and Big Sean sounding similar.

He said, “Sometimes it’s hard for me to tell the difference between Drake and Big Sean, so I be like, ‘Is this a Drake song or a Big Sean song?’ I don’t know man . . . These n*ggas don’t know what they want to be. Drake be throwing gang signs and sh*t, I be seeing whatever the f*ck he’s throwing up. I don’t know. He go to the wrong place and he’ll be f*cked up.”

  • He continued, “I don’t listen to Wale. Pill’s solid. I don’t know Meek Mill too much, but I definitely don’t listen to Wale’s sh*t. See, you can’t even f*cking pinpoint it. You can’t even put these n*ggas in a box and label it. All of these n*ggas. Big Sean, Wale. You just said ‘Big Sean is like a Wale kind of guy.’ What is that? F*cking weirdos, right?'”
  • He added, “That’s some buttf*ck rap. “I’m saying, you can’t even put these n*ggas [like Wale and Big Sean] in a category. You don’t know what the f*ck they are.”

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