Jul 2011 29

Basketball Wives star Tami Roman has said that if Meeka Claxton— who she slapped the mess out of on the last episode of the show, returns for the next season, she will not come back. In a radio interview, Tami explained why she hit Meeka — saying that she wanted to discuss lies that Meeka told since being on the show and wanted to give her an opportunity to tell the truth.

Tami said, “As we’re having this discussion all I see, which I have asked her not to do, was her getting ready to get up…ya know with her hand. Don’t put your hand up because I don’t know what you’re going to do. I don’t know if you’re going to swing at me. So I basically, you know, I have a defense mechanism that has always been apart of who I am and when I saw that hand…I snapped cause I’m like I don’t know what you’re going to do and I had to defend myself so that’s what y’all saw . . . .”

  • Reports said earlier this week that Meeka sued Tami for assault. Tami said that she has not been served any papers and the lawsuit did come up during the reunion special — which the ladies taped already.
  • Tami added that she will not be returning to the show if Meeka will because she will not work with someone who is suing her. She said that VH1 will have to choose between she and Meeka based on who is more valuable.
  • Basketball Wives airs on Mondays on VH1

Jul 2011 29

Pusha T has revealed that he isn’t taking Consequence’s“The Plaguirist Society” diss song towards himself and G.O.O.D. Music too seriously. During a radio interview, when the host said that they’d like to see a battle between he and Consequence, he said, “Really? You’re like the first person to ever say that. I don’t ever think anyone’s wanted to see Consequence. Never no radio personality, DJ has ever said they want to hear Consequence!”

He continued, “At the end of the day, I am an artist and this is sort of fun to me still. This whole rap thing is sort of fun to me, so I won’t say you won’t hear nothing. But a go-back-and-forth between me and him, it’s not right. You can’t get anything out of it.”

  • He spoke on Consequence’s disses towards Kanye. He said, “People are disrespectful. What can you say? ‘Ye is a great guy. He’s done a lot for me, he’s done a lot for everybody. He’s ever embraced in this music game, he tries his hardest for everybody.”
  • Pusha T’s Fear Of God 2 will be released on August 23rd.


Reps for Kanye West and Jay-Z have confirmed that they have added more dates to the their tour as The Throne. The tour is set to kick off at September 22nd in Detroit and winds down in November 3rd in Boston. Reps told Allhiphop.com that a new revised tour schedule will be released on Monday (August 1st) and pre sale tickets will start on August 2nd.

  • The two will perform songs from their highly anticipated collaboration Watch The Throne — in addition to selections from their classic catalogs.

Jul 2011 29

Shyne has reportedly given up sex and cursing. According to The Jewish Chronicle, the rapper said that his upcoming album will be free of profanity, while his videos will no longer scantily clad woman. She said, “You know what? You know how much I love women, I’m going to be shomer habris [abstain from sex until marriage] until this record comes out.”

Shyne is working on two albums for 2012, including one that will feature collaborations with fellow Orthodox Jew, Matisyahu. The first of his two albums will be titled Messiah, while the second album will be a cautionary album titled Gangland, to warn fans about the pitfalls of street life.

  • On Matisyahu, he said, “I’d say he was someone that I’d be there for anything he needs, and he has expressed the same for me,”
  • Shyne, who recently bought a house in Israel and is planning to live there at least a few months out of each year, also revealed that his music will reflect his newfound love for Judaism.
  • No release date was available for either record at press time. Shyne is also planning a world tour.

Jul 2011 29

A fifth accuser in the Bishop Eddie Long sexual misconduct settlement has reportedly been revealed as Centino Kemp. According to FOX 5in Atlanta, Kemp is a 22 year old musician and Atlanta resident who was not named in suit — but was reportedly a big factor in the suit.

As previously reported, Bishop Eddie Long recently reached a settlement with the four accusers in his sexual misconduct case — and sources speculate that Kemp helped the plaintiffs reach a settlement because the bishop “very” uncomfortable with Kemp’s presence anywhere near the case.

  • When Fox News approached Kemp — who wears makeup and his hair in a Rihanna-esque haircut, he wouldn’t say too much about Bishop Eddie Long, but he sported a tattoo that said, “Eddie Long. Never a Mistake, Always a Lesson.”
  • Fox News also reported that Kemp’s is recording music from the perspective of a scorned lover and does address his stance on the church.
  • One source said that Kemp — who is from the Bahamas, met the Bishop while he was a college student in Florida, and he joined in the settlement talks after he heard about the other young men’s lawsuit’s and though he never sued, he did become a part of the final settlement.
  • One lawyer familiar with the case told FOX that Kemp was “different from the other young men,” “one piece of the puzzle that never fit,” and he made the case “more difficult.”

10 Ways To Go From Girlfriend To Wife
Jul 2011 28

When it comes to sealing the deal—from girlfriend to wife, more often than not there really is no one prescriptive formula. How to handle a man who won’t put a ring on it is a drama most women would rather watch on television than live through themselves.

Author Steven James Dixon—whose book “Men Don’t Heal, We Ho,” instructs single women to “Show Him Your Woman”—says it’s a known fact that men are generally slower to commit. They may not know what they want just yet and may need a little more time to figure out how compatible you really are. In the meantime, showing him the real woman in you is a recipe for success. “Too often women are more concerned with how to get a man then they are concerned with how to be a woman,” he says.
Here are Dixon’s ten tips to get you on the express from girlfriend to wife. You’ll laugh, you’ll cringe, and you might even relate.

1.)Be a Woman All Day, Everywhere
Have respect, pride and dignity for yourself. If you let your friends take advantage of you, so will your man. If you come home crying about your job every day without being proactive about getting a new one, your man is not going to find that attractive. Be sexy, sweet, sassy, feminine and most of all, be womanly.

2.)Be Independent
Not just financially, but be an independent thinker overall. Take the time to learn you and what works best for you instead of taking someone else’s advice and forcing yourself into a box. Your core person should not change simply because you are in a relationship. Be independent of your man and have your own life.

3.)Stay On Your Tippy Toes
Don’t get comfortable and lazy on your man. Don’t just think that he is going to marry you because you have been together for a few years. Get fine-ER, get smart-ER, be bett-ER. A man wants to see growth in you and wants to be excited about who you will be in the future.

4.)Turn His House Into a Home
As a single brother, my crib had the bare necessities. A woman came by one day and slowly started to upgrade my stuff in a very subtle but profound way because no woman had ever done it before. First it was a couple nice decorative candles; then she replaced my picture frames and artwork. She helped me paint a couple of rooms in my house. I was like “She knows what she doing, I am going to marry her.”

.)Be a Godly Woman
There is just something sexy to me about a Godly woman. You want a Godly man, don’t you? The Bible is a relationship handbook. Read it. Follow it. Live by it. When your man is weak, you need to be able to refer to that word. When the Devil attacks, he needs to know that you know God.

6.)Watch His Momma, Do What She Do
You don’t have to be his Momma, but you should try to be in her likeness. Here is an example: during the holidays when you were at your man’s family home, if his grandma, momma and auntie were all in the kitchen and you were in the den watching the game with him, y’all probably had the best time ever, right? But guess what, he’s probably going to break up with you. You should be in that kitchen with his female relatives or else go and find yourself a man whose mother can’t cook.

7.)Challenge Him
If a man doesn’t have to respect you, he won’t. I tell people all the time, if my wife would allow me to have a girlfriend I would, and I go to church every Sunday. A man is not going to do the right thing unless he knows that if he does the wrong thing it will be met with repercussions and consequences.

8.) Be His Biggest Fan
Women need love. Men need their egos stroked. We need your support, your encouragement, and we need to know that you believe in us. Tell him that he is a good man, that you are lucky to have him, that he is special and better than you thought. If he doesn’t feel like a man, he is not going to be a good man to you.

9.)Nurture Him
The art of nurturing a man has been lost. Talk sweet to your man and whisper sweet nothings in his ear. Hug him, hold him, squeeze him too. Being a Black man is hard but with the nurturing of a good Black woman, it’s that much easier.

10.)Be the Freakiest Person He Knows
Men talk and our number one conversation is about sex. So when a man is rapping with his friend he needs a good story to tell. At least twice a year he needs to have something that will make his boys say “Dang man, I wish my woman would do that!” Shoot, just the other day me and my wife were making this video right and…wait, let me clear this with the wife first before I tell y’all. Basically, a man has to know and believe that there is not a woman out there that is going to try harder to please him than you.


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