Nov 2011 30

Actress Kyla Pratt took to Tumblr to set the record straight about her one-year-old daughter Lyric and Lyric’s father Danny — who is rumored to be an ex-stripper. She wrote about Danny, “We have been together for a few years now. He has been a tattoo artist for about eight years and has been writing and producing music around the same. The club he used to work at years ago for (2yrs) was basically a competition where guys would compete for the most attention by creating the hottest dance routines and music in L.a, that I now see all over the music biz and videos you all love. He never Strip down naked or to a thong.” She continued, “I dont owe anyone an explanation about MY life. Just decided to set the record straight so people who think i CARE about their opinions will MAYBE give it a rest.”

Nov 2011 30

Fabolous‘s ex Emily B says she has no beef with Juelz Santana‘s girlfriend Kimbella. As previously reported, on the season two premiere episode of Love & Hip Hop, Kimbella confessed that she was dating Fabolous when Emily was pregnant with his child. Jim Jones’ girlfriend Chrissy attacked Kimbella because of the confession.

Emily told, “She’s that kind of girl. Ugh, I don’t even want to go into that. I will say this, I have no hard feelings against Kimbella. We don’t have no beef. At this point, this far along, she’s doing her thing and I understand. It is what it is.

  • She continued, “It wasn’t the time or the place. She had to go into those meetings and say that to those producers in order for them to get the information. She knew what she was doing. It’s whatever. Personally, I would have taken that to the grave. I never would have thought that she would want to say that on national T.V., especially when your man works with him and that is his colleague. But, everybody’s different.”


In an interview with, Mona Scott Young — the executive producer of Love & Hip Hop, talked about the drama that is seen on the show. When asked if she was worried that the drama would get too real on the show, she said, “Unfortunately it does and has gotten very real! As much as I would have liked all the drama to stay on camera, that was not always the case. The stuff we cover in their lives comes from a very real place…this isn’t manufactured or faked so it’s not like they can turn off their emotions just because we turn off our cameras.”

She continued, “Also for me it was difficult at times because I developed a relationship with the cast and it was sometimes disturbing to have to cover more difficult moments in their see a relationship fall apart right before our eyes…or to keep the cameras rolling when I know they were hurting or very upset. Trust, it was not easy.”

  • When asked what is the biggest challenged when it comes to filming the women. She said, “The biggest challenge is managing those personalities. Each girl has her own temperament and way of dealing with things and it’s important that I take the time to deal with them as individuals because at the end of the day, I’m asking alot of them. It isn’t easy to open yourself up and show certain sides of yourself on camera and some days are more difficult than others.”

Nov 2011 30

Money. It causes more fights than household chores and is often cited as one of the main causes of divorce. Don’t let money ruin your relationship. Check out these 7 tips of how to ward off financial drama — via

1. Don’t blame

  • Debt can be overpowering, you work all month just to dig yourself deeper in debt, increasing stress, which leads to fighting that can destroy your relationship and your happiness. Remember that the enemy is not your spouse or boyfriend; the enemy is your debt. Blaming your spouse, your parents or your boss will not fix your problems. The debt fairy is not coming. It is time to stop complaining and get to work on your current situation.

2. Live within your means

  • Whether you are worth millions or make a modest salary, you need to live within your means. For the average American, there are simple and proven techniques that work. One example is to stop wasting thousands of dollars each month on food you don’t need. Eat every item in your fridge and pantry before you go shopping and you will save thousands each month.

3. Work at home life too

  • Work as hard at your home life as you do at the office! Set aside time completely devoted to your husband and kids, or boyfriend. Don’t take business calls or even think about business. This not only reminds you how much you love each other but will recharge your batteries so you are itching to go back to work to kick butt and provide. If your main focus in life is money you will surely end up unfulfilled and unhappy.

4. Don’t lie

  • A poll recently commissioned by ForbesWomen showed that 31% of Americans lie to their spouses about money. This is the fastest way to sabotage your relationship. Sit down with each other, figure out where you can trim back and set goals for yourselves. Money should not tear you apart. If you are open and honest with each other, you can overcome these issues together and it can actually make you stronger by eliminating unnecessary financial stress.

5. Create a monthly budget

  • Do a monthly budget together to keep money problems from ruining your marriage. Sit down with your paychecks, bills, and lists of wants and make a detailed written budget so that you know where every dollar goes. It is really easy to do. Make a list of things that need to be paid first. Next should be house payment/rent, food, utilities, clothing, gas, savings for an emergency fund, and childcare (if necessary). If you have any left over, that should go to pay debt, start an emergency fund, or to do a few fun things with it.

6. Set up an emergency fund

  • As mentioned earlier, starting an emergency fund is a very smart thing to create as a couple. Try to have a few months expenses saved up so that if something happens, like a job loss, you won’t have the stress of scarping together money to live on. It will be there in the bank waiting for you and therefore help keep the stress of money problems from invading your relationship.

7. Set financial goals together

  • What do you want to accomplish as a couple? Do you need to pay down debt? Save for a house? Once you have a common goal in mind, you will be able to keep each other on track with your agreed-upon budget. Also establish ground rules together, such as consulting each other before a large purchase. This generally is a rule for married couples, but its smart for couples who are dating to get used to communicating their own spending habits to each other.

Nov 2011 30

Kim Kardashian’s oldest sister, Kourtney, is pregnant with her 2nd child, according to E! News and her reality show’s producer Ryan Seacrest. The baby’s father, Scott Disick, and Kourtney often seemed to be fighting with each other on their reality TV show ‘Kim and Kourtney Take NY‘.

In an exclusive statement to E! News, Kourtney says, “Scott and I are so excited to announce that we are expecting our second child and are thrilled to be expanding the love in our family.” Kourt first confirmed the happy news to Us Weekly.

Nov 2011 29

It looks like although the divorce battle between Usher and Tameka Raymond is over, the custody battle is just beginning. This time, Tameka is trying to take away Usher’s shared custody of the kids because he continues to blow off his legal
obligations in their co-parenting agreement.

Among things she says he failed to do are:

– obtain her permission to travel outside the state with the kids
– get her approval before hiring nannies
– give her first shot to watch the kids when he’s away for more than 8 hours
– allow her to take the kids for 2-weeks in the summer of 2011
– let her have custody of the kids during Christmas break 2010

She’s also claiming that he closed her Saks 5th Avenue credit card without notice. There is definitely not a kids section in Saks Fifth Avenue, however according to Tameka’s twitter, the card was used for Business purposes. Additional responses from her on the story were:

Haha I love how this guy manages to always be the victim. So masterful. Its amazing.

the headline is a lie, also its negative because it only tells a morsel. smh

Furthermore, Tameka and Usher reportedly made an arrangement for him to pay her $5,000 a month to hire her own nanny, however he stopped making payments and now he’s $34,000 behind in payments. She also claims that there has been a substantial change in his income since their divorce – with the success of his last album- and she should be entitled to more child support.


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