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Before yesterday, I had never watched Nicki Minaj’s Stupid H*e video, nor had I heard the song. My friends will tell you, I am not a fan. While I do not take away from her skill or talent, I am just not interested. (Un)Fortunately I know the lyrics to many of her songs because of intense radio play and her features on songs I do like, but overall you cannot count me amongst the ranks of Barbies.

So when I came across an article  yesterday that questioned whether or not BET was sexist to ban the video from their airwaves, that peeked my interest and I watched the video. My answer: yes! (And that is a “yes” that could be explored more deeply, just not here). But that got me thinking: I bet there are more videos right now getting airplay on BET that I think should be banned.

Here’s what I found:

Bow Wow ft. Lil Wayne  Sweat

I am a believer that one’s career should be what they are passionate about, so I will not say that we would rather hear 13 y.o. rapper Lil’ Bow Wow more than the 24 y.o. rapper Bow Wow  if at all, that ‘s not fair. BUT I will say that THIS video needs to be banned! The electronic singing (auto-tune?), the scary Medieval torture mask, the seizure inducing flashing lights and scene jumping, the MOHAWK, and well, the song. This video should be banned for the sake of his image and reputation.

Busta Rhymes ft. Chris Brown Why Stop Now

Again, I will not be one of those who will say that Busta Rhymes needs to sit down and stop rapping because he is old, he is after all a hip-hop vet they should be able to keep trying. So I will let Chris Brown carry the burden of why this should be banned, he gets blamed for everything else, why not? This is why: Chris Brown is channeling Frankenstein, his jerky movements are scary. Too scary. And he is rapping. I wonder if Busta knew his feature would be another rapper, not singer. Maybe Bow Wow and Chris Brown planned this swap of talents? Either way ban them both! (Sorry Busta)

SJ Boyz Shoulder Jerk

There are so many reasons this video should be banned, but I will just name one:  plagiarism, you know stealing some one’s work and claiming it as your own. This dance used to be called “the bounce” when it was more graceful and included raised arms, bent elbows, and closed fists. It used to be that this dance now called the Shoulder Jerk was reserved for people who could not dance. It is commendable that they did not have to spend as much money on awesome directors and videography as my other nominees to get banned, but the Shoulder Jerk video is still banned in my book.

Please watch these videos and tell me other reasons why (or if) these videos should be banned.

By Elle Tee

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