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photoIAA:  What is your music background?

RENEGAD3:  Growing up, I would freestyle on my walks to and from school. One day, I listened to the Marshall Mathers LP and recorded myself rapping along with “The Way I Am” instrumental.  I wrote my first full song and had my first studio session in 8th grade. I stayed persistent and eventually found my voice.  My skills have gotten better, and I ended up landing a #1 spot on Reverbnation and onenumbermusic.com for Indiana and Oklahoma.  I know that hard work pays off.

IAA:  What inspired you to pursue music?

RENEGAD3:  Honestly it’s hard to explain because I can name many artists that have inspired me to pick up a pen. I never wanted my music to  sound identical to the type of music those artists were doing. I wanted to sound different but good at the same time.  The beats I heard through the years have inspired me more than the lyrics. I would  hear hi hats and want to speed up my tempo. I would hear a deep bass and want to make a trunk banger. I would hear a piano or strings and want to make something deep and relatable. I would often listen to hundreds of beats a day and freestyle in my garage, until I found one I wanted to write to.  Some beats are so inspiring. For example, “Changes” by Tupac has a great beat and so does “The Way I Am” By Eminem.  That beat was the darkest beat I heard that made me go crazy. More recently I have found myself getting inspired by beats I hear off of soundclick.com

IAA:  What are your songs about?

RENEGAD3:  My songs vary. I write songs about my life, about my son, about the type of parties we had, or about the type of girls that are from my hometown. I turn all the stuff that I’ve have done or witnessed into music.

IAA:  Do you write your own music?

RENEGAD3:  Yes, I do. I have over 100 notebooks in my closet that have lyrics on every single page and even on the brown side.

IAA:  Who are your musical influences?

RENEGAD3:  The first time my mom actually allowed me to buy a cd with explicit content I bought “N.W.A The Greatest Hits.”  From them, I moved on to Biggie, Pac, Dr. Dre, Eminem, T.I., Ludacris, Snoop Dogg, Nelly, Chamillionaire, Bone Thugs N Harmony. My more recent influences have been Yelawolf, MGK, Wiz Khalifa and myself.  I always want to do better than my last piece of work.

IAA:  How would you describe your music to people?

RENEGAD3:  My music has a mid-west style, fast tempos, hard punch lines and clever/witty metaphors and similes. My music is meaningful with a twist of just don’t give a F***. Based on Reverbnation, my fan base consists of ages 10 to 60. I try and make songs for everyone. I write everything from party to angry to sad to funny songs.

IAA:  What makes you stand out from other artists?

RENEGAD3:  I stand out because I have my own style, flow, lyrics, and wordplay. I can’t stand when everyone wants to sound the same. To me, that’s not being a true artist.  If you are truly an artist, the majority of your material should be unique and original.

IAA:  What are some upcoming projects you are currently working on?

RENEGAD3:  I’m working on a couple tracks for my boy Fat Guy’s mix-tape at the moment. I am also in the process of recording an album using all of my own beats, so in the meantime expect some collabos. I will be releasing a smaller mix-tape before the album is released. Everything will be coming soon.

IAA:  What are your career goals, where do you see yourself?

RENEGAD3:  My career goals are to do music for a living, provide a future for my son, perform on the biggest stages, and work with a lot of my musical influences. Obviously, I also want to make money. Me always fighting to achieve my goals and never giving up will feel like all the money in the world.

IAA:  How can your fans access your music and contact you?

RENEGAD3:  You can access my music on reverbnation.com/renegad3 and numberonemusic.com/renegad3 or follow me on twitter #Renegad33 You can contact me through any of those sites or my Facebook page which you can find through those links.







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jermaine wynnJermaine “Jilla-Kush” Wynn was born in a small town on the outskirts of Chicago to a musical family. Inspired by his late Grandmother, pianist, Lily Mae Wynn, Jilla-Kush developed a strong love for music at an early age. Growing up, Jilla-Kush was known for playing the drums and singing in the church choir. At the tender age of 12 years old, Jilla-Kush was first introduced and fell in love with hip hop. After writing and performing his first song, Jilla-Kush knew he was a force to be reckoned with.  Jilla-Kush began to take the local hip hop circuit by storm by rocking the stage at various house parties and talent shows. The response he received from his performances motivated the rapper to further develop and hone his craft. Although Jilla-Kush has had to overcome many obstacles, he has never let his struggles overcome him.  Jilla-Kush continues to press forward using music as his outlet and a way to connect with the world.

IAA:  What is your music background?

JILLA KUSH:  I was raised in a church. I sang in the choir and even played the drums. Growing up I hung around my uncle and a few older cousins while they recorded with other local artists. Influenced by them, I starting writing my own raps. My cousin heard it and bragged to all his friends. Next thing you know I was 14 years old rocking house parties.

IAA:  What inspired you to pursue music?

JILLA KUSH:  The responses that I receive while I displayed my talents play a big part in my motivation for music. I was always told to be  who I wanted to be and do what I want to do in life.  I was told to stay true to it, no matter what. Ever since spitting my first rap, I seemed to shock my listeners.

IAA:  What are your songs about?

JILLA KUSH:  My songs are mainly about me. I write about my past, present, future, and different situations I face periodically.

IAA:  Do you write your own music?

JILLA KUSH:  Yes I write my own music and make my own beats. I’ll freak any beat that’s given to me..

IAA:  Who are your musical influences?

JILLA KUSH:  My Grandmother was my biggest influence.  She didn’t care what she looked like when she banged on her piano. She always gave a show. She is probably smiling down on me now talking bout little ugly boy.. .lol. I have been influenced by Whiz Khalifa, Dr. Dre., Snoop,  UGK, MJG & 8Ball, Outkast, Crucial Conflict, Psyco-Drama, Twista, Kanye West, Trinadad James, Slick-Rick, The Temptations, just to name a few.

IAA:  How would you describe your music to people?

JILLA KUSH:  My music is spine chilling, entertaining, and catchy. My music gives my audience something new to jam out to how ever you may feel like jamming out.

IAA:  What makes you stand out from other artist?

JILLA KUSH:  My lyrics make me stand out from other artists. They keep me on the other side of the fence.

IAA:  What are some upcoming projects, you are currently working on?

JILLA KUSH:  I am currently working on a few different projects that includes other artist as well as myself. I am working on my own personal project called “LIKE ME NOW”. It is as the title reads.   Another project that I am working on is called the “S.C.E. Mix-tape.”  This project was created to show the different amounts of talents that come in my booth to record. My goal was to give artist a chance to have or be featured on a beat that they can call their own.

IAA:  What are your career goals? Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

JILLA KUSH:  My career goals are to become stable in the music industry. I want to run a legit business, count a lot of cash, and be able to give my nieces and nephews a easier life than I had. 10 years from now I see myself receiving a Grammy along with all the rest of your favorite artists.

IAA:  How can your fans access your music and contact you?

JILLA KUSH:  http://www.reverbnation.com/jillakushmmi







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MYSSTOREYIAA:  What is your music background?

MYS’STOREY:  My elementary music class was the closest thing to vocal training I have ever received.  I also started writing during that time period.  Soon after, I started singing and dancing with my sister and some friends. In middle school is when I started writing poetry for myself and other people. I won several awards for my poetry. I continued writing and eventually my poetry turned into songs because the words flowed so nicely.  I would have a happy day and I would create a happy song. If I had a bad day, I would create a bad song. I was so excited about my songs that I always shared it with my family and friends. When people began telling me they enjoyed my music and that is should be on the radio, I knew I was extremely blessed with this beautiful talent.  I began to take music seriously. After contemplating whether or not I should pursue music full-time, I decided that it was best to at least try. It is best to try and take the journey then to live life  always wondering what could have happen. At that moment I had no clue what to do first. I went to the studio for a crash course. I also began to brainstorm on ways to gain exposure and build my fan base. My first move was a Myspace music account.  My next moves was the Aquafinia truck and then creating a Reverbnation account.  I then did a small talent show and started networking with local artists.  I then moved on to making my own videos, collaborating with local artists, and topping my local charts.  After that I started recording, editing, and directing my own videos.  My hottest single so far has been Auquafina.  All of my experiences have made me a very developed independent artist.

IAA:  Why do you want to record and release your own music?

MYS’STOREY:  Music has always been a dream of mine. I do more than write music. When I create, I feel the mood of the song.  I go into character and get carried away with my thoughts.  I envision my fans, the video, and the type of personality I would like to explore.  When I’m writing music the last thing on my mind is letting someone else use it.  Although I would write for other artists, I enjoy writing for myself because I can envision myself performing my work

IAA:  What are your songs about?

MYS’STOREY:  My songs are about emotions, experiences, and fantasies.  What I mean by “emotions” for example would be a love song. Like my song “Heaven Forbid” which is a prayer not to fall in love again. The song focuses on why I feel I don’t want to love again and puts it in the form of a prayer.    What I mean by “experiences” can be seen in my song “Nightmare,” which is about get back.  That song doesn’t focus on the emotions I’m feeling; it focuses on the things that I’m doing.  I write about teasing the girl, letting her know what I’m going to do before I do it, while explaining to her that all she says and does to try and stop me only helps me.  In that song I’m exploring the actions of a cruel scorned woman in active get back.    Last but not least  “fantasy”  can be seen in my song “Feelings”.  In this song I’m exploring an imaginary fight between me and my feelings.  I’m trying to inform my partner I can’t win because I can’t see, touch, or smell my attacker.  The attacker is very real, very hurtful, and very effective.  We are effected by emotions. We are at the mercy of time, as time heals all wounds. We can’t grab them and rush them along or throw them out and for that reason that fight will remain imaginary.  We are affected by emotions, emotions are not affected by us.  That’s what makes that song about the fantasy.

IAA:  Who is your fan base directed towards?

MYS’STOREY:  I direct my music towards the grown and happy crowds. My music is for people who are grown enough to know right from wrong, but young enough to still live life to the fullest.  People who feel its ok to walk on the wild side and be yourself. People who respect the fact the others have a right to be themselves as well.  People who are free, easy going, positive and mature. My music ranges from party people to happily married, to newly divorced and single. I even go as far as to explore the I’m single and on the prowl woman. I would say my music is mostly suitable for the 18-35 crowd.

IAA:  Who are your musical influences?

MYS’STOREY:  Coming up I was influenced by Aaliyah, Whitney Houston, Destiny’s Child & Dru Hill. I was also influenced by Mary J, Usher, K C & Jo Jo, Xscape, and Mariah Carey.  There was just something about the snappy way they told these stories I saw in everyday life.  The beats, the words, and the emotion all went together for me.  I loved these artists’ styles, attitudes, and personalities. Aailyah was the ring leader in my influence circle.  The cool smooth girl next door look, with a sweet attitude, baggy jeans, half shirt, and belly chain! She was sweet, but sassy.  She was my biggest influence.  Whitney gave me the strong voice I yearned for.  After singing a few of her tracks, I learned how to be sweet with female dominance.  Destiny’s Child brought out the classy side of me.  Dru Hill put me in a whole new world that was emotional and sincere yet dominate an frisky. Mary J. was my girl because she  was just Mary. She was cool, solo, classy, and thugged out. She flipped the switch and you never knew what was coming next. Usher gave me a real walk on the wild side an influenced me to stay exciting and hypnotic with it by using the body to speak a very erotic language.   K C and Jo Jo were so sweet. I felt all the love in the world came in threw my speakers when I heard them being played.  They influenced me to keep my heart in it and never forget about the love birds, the puppy love, or the love songs.   Xscape gave me a spin and a feel of feminine thug passion.  They were the lady version of the perfect blend of thug and passion. Mariah is my favorite because of her grace. Her vocals reminded me to always keep heaven and God first on the inside and it shines on the outside. I was influenced by many other artist like Mya, Monica, Brandy, Immature, Shai, TLC, Ginuwine, and Debra Cox. I just took a little from each artist. I took things that were very similar to what I took from the previously mentioned artist.

IAA:  How would you describe your music to people?

MYS’STOREY:  I would describe my music as wild, frisky, fresh, new, sensual, stunning, exotic, hypnotic, and free.

IAA:  What makes you stand out from other artist?

MYS’STOREY:  I think what makes me stand out is that I’m not scared of being different.  I invite new, wild, and crazy to the table every time I begin any work.  I like to find a new ultra ego and make a whole character with personality out of it, like I did with  Aquafinia. I represent Wet Swag, meaning sensual female personality. I think the world is going through a real in your face stage and that is what I’m bringing to the table.  My music personality is most definitely in your face. I have an on and popping, crazy, and sexy style. I have a catch me if you can, here I am swag. I believe that catches an eye or two.

IAA:  What are some up coming projects you are currently working on?

MYS’STOREY:  I am working on a video for a song I featured on with another artist. This is a club banger in my opinion.  This track really gives props to the ladies with that junk in the trunk who know how to throw that thang.  I’m also working on a new mixed CD.  It will include remakes from artists like Mario, Machine Gun Kelly, and Akon. I want to show off my wide scale of skill.  I have a new single I’m working on for my new alter ego.  I’m going to stick to the sensual, crazy, witty, exotic side but with a bit more heat.  So please be advised stay out the kitchen but don’t miss dinner.

IAA:  What are your career goals? Where do you see yourself in ten years?

MYS’STOREY:  My career goals are to top billboard charts as one of the worlds established artist, win BET awards, do worldwide tours, and work with other big names as well as other great new and up coming artist. I’d like to work the business side of the market and invest into the music/party world and help keep the good sounds in the air.  In ten years I see myself as a well established and knowledgeable owner of a billion dollar company that has its roots in the music world.

IAA:  How can your fans access your music and contact you?

MYS’STOREY:  My music can be found on reverbnation.com/mysstorey   and at that destination is also a section for question, comments, and etc.  I can be found on facebook @ facebook.com/aquafiniafans. I can be followed on twitter @Aquafinia for all my Wet Swag lovers.








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LYRICIAA:  What is your music background?

TERI “LYRIC” GREEN:  I have only been doing music for about 2 years now. After the passing of my grandmother I started to write poetry. My poetry blossomed into spoken word and then rhythmic recordings. It was never my intention to become a rapper/lyricist. After exposing my gift and seeing the impact it has made on others I had no other choice but to continue. Since the age of 9, I have been able to play the piano by ear, and since the passing of my grandmother I have been training myself to play the acoustic guitar

IAA:  Why do you want to record and release your own music?

TERI “LYRIC” GREEN:  During the course of my life I have experienced many hardships, and music/writing has always been a major outlet for me. In listening to some of my favorite songs as a child I have noticed the release of pain and agony in just the mere composing of their music. Although I never imagined myself being able to write lyrics or compose my own beats, I have found a key element in helping heal others through my own therapeutic way of healing myself. I believe that “It is not where you come from, but where you decide to go that counts the most,” so if I can release music to help others  maintain a healthier way of thinking and living then my purpose in life will be fulfilled.

IAA:  What are your songs about?

TERI “LYRIC” GREEN:  I consider myself to be a positive life artist. My writings are composed of tragedy, pride, pain, success, love, domestic violence, defeat and triumph, consequences, and most of all honesty. I believe that in order to be honest with someone else you must first be honest with yourself. I write based upon what I have

experienced in life in order to help or save someone else from making the same mistakes I have made or witnessed. I write positive music to show that no matter what you experience in this  life that there is always a way out and an opportunity to change for the better.

IAA:  Who is your fan base directed towards?

TERI “LYRIC” GREEN:  A fan is described as a person who is enthusiastic about something: a supporter or aficionado. I would like to target people of all walks of life to inspire them to become fans of life through my music. I write all positive music so that any person of any age can relate to some portion of my music. But because I am aware that every person won’t like my music I would most likely direct my music to people from the ages of 19-30 years of age.

IAA:  Who are your musical influences?

TERI “LYRIC” GREEN:  I consider myself to be an universal artist. I have never limited myself to just one genre of music. I listen to music of different extremes from Jay z and Nas to Carrie Underwood and Miley Cyrus, Papa Roach to Marroon 5, India Arie to Lauren Hill. I even have credits as a song writer to 2 gospel songs with “The Big Man of Gospel” Rev. Walter Butts through WJB gospel records. All genres of music inspire me not only by popularity but intensity in lyrical content. The depth of lyrics has always moved me and thus the reason I am affectionately known as Teri “LYRIC” Green.

IAA:  How would you describe your music to people?

TERI “LYRIC” GREEN:  My music is passionate pain, exposed by love, lost in happiness. In losing my grandmother I found myself lost in a pain that seemed to never cease. But as time progressed I learned that life has a beginning and an end for every breathing thing on this earth. Flowers bloom for a season and die for a season. For me, in order to see the legacy of love being relived constantly without ceasing I began to write and expose my pain to save another. If people can take the positive messages that I write and pass them on to another, then the passion that I pour into my music can be relived over and over without ever dying. There is no greater gratification in knowing that my words can save someone else from my pain. I like to believe that my music stands alone in its own genre that I call Neo Soul Hip Hop. Soulful music with a rhythmic tone and powerful message each and every time.

IAA:  What makes you stand out from other artist?

TERI “LYRIC” GREEN:  I’ve been told many times that there is something special about me. I only could wish that I could see what others see in me but just the thought alone causes me to stay positive and welcoming to people. I make it a point to mingle and talk with my fans at my shows just to show that I am just as human as they are. I also realize as an artist that branding is extremely important. Bow ties, suspenders, geek glasses, converse, custom vests, and rolled up button up sleeves are some of my signature pieces. Because I am sincerely a “geek” in my personal life due to my day job as a computer engineer, I like to bring a stylish way of showing who I am on a daily basis. I believe my style stands out not only because of the geek feel and unique style but mainly because of the sincerity behind it. For me my style is easy and not forced therefore it stands out and blends well with my bubbly personality. It’s official Computer geek hacks industry all access!!

IAA:  What are some upcoming projects are you currently working on?

TERI “LYRIC” GREEN:  Currently I am working on completing and releasing my first mix-tape. I will also be featuring in a couple of festivals in Atlanta and Miami. During the course of writing and performing in Chicago I will also be touring in about 6 states and over 20 cities. After my day job as a computer engineer is done I find myself performing, writing, recording, mentoring in schools in the city and being involved in community service events often.

IAA:  What are your career goals? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

TERI “LYRIC” GREEN:  At a very young age I had decided exactly what I wanted to do with my life. I have a love for computers that has carried me a very long way. I found myself being the Assistant Chief Engineer at the #1 Spanish Radio station in Chicago 107.9 WLEY radio, during my Junior year of college. I have worked for some very prestigious engineering firms, radio stations, and television stations here in Chicago as an engineer and am currently still progressing. Now I find myself at the age of 31 with another passion and love; music. My goal with music is to reach the world with a positive message by ranking the top of the charts and becoming a legendary female hip hop artist. Since Missy Elliot, there has yet to be another female artist/producer with her success and recognition. In 10 years I see myself becoming one of the top female producers in the industry right alongside of her.

IAA:  How can your fans access your music and contact you?

TERI “LYRIC” GREEN:  Teri “Lyric” Green can be contacted and accessed by the following links:







Photo Credit: Abrey Adams Watterson








Mar 2013 07

ed-da-henchmanIAA:   What is your music background?

E.D. DA HENCHMAN:  I am familiar with a wide range of music genres. Some of those include rap, hip hop, and some R&B. I like to listen to old school music as well.

IAA:   What inspired you to pursue music?

E.D. DA HENCHMAN:  Music has always been a dream of mind. I started doing music to release the emotional stress of losing several close friends and family members.

IAA:   What are your songs about?

E.D. DA HENCHMAN:  My music discusses my life experiences. I talk about everything I have seen or done  while growing up.

IAA:   Do you write your own music?

E.D. DA HENCHMAN:  Yes I do write my own music because I don’t feel that someone  else can express my thoughts in the way that I do.

IAA:   Who are your musical influences?

E.D. DA HENCHMAN:  I have several but most of my influences come from our rap/ hip hop icons such as Tupac, Ice Cube, and UGK. I am greatly influenced by any down South and West Coast artists.

IAA:   How would you describe your music to people?

E.D. DA HENCHMAN:  I like to describe my music as being expressive and inspiring.

IAA:   What makes you stand out from other artists ?

E.D. DA HENCHMAN:  I feel like my style is original. I try to be street but with a little class by using wordplay to express myself with as little foul language as possible.

IAA:   What are some upcoming projects, you are currently working on?

ED DA HENCHMAN:  Right now I am working on my next individual project “Welcome to Skataville.” I am also doing a collabo with my sister Lady HERricane on a mix-tape called “Sibling Rivalry.”

IAA:   What are your career goals?

E.D. DA HENCHMAN:  I am a dreamer  so anything is possible. Right now I am just trying to get my name known in the music game.

IAA:   Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

E.D. DA HENCHMAN:  Hopefully I will still be making music the people want to hear and possible  do movies.

IAA:   How can your fans access your music and contact you?

E.D. DA HENCHMAN:  On ReverbNation www.reverbnation.com/eddahenchman  or follow me on Twitter @eddahenchman You can also look me up on Datpiff.com or Thatcrack.com and lastly you can email me edhenchman84@gmail.com or Stuffgameent@hotmail.com




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