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Video vixen and ex-girlfriend of Joe Budden, Esther Baxter has opened up about her abusive relationship with the rapper. As previously reported, just last week, Joe took to Twitter and put Esther on blast — saying that she cheated on him with NFL star Derrick Ward. Esther fired back, saying that he was the reason that they lost their unborn child — insinuating that he was abusive. In an interview with, Esther confirmed that Joe allegedly beat her while she was three months pregnant and caused her to lose their child. She said that they got into a fight over his “inappropriate behavior” towards women on Twitter.

She told the site, “We got into an argument . . . he kinda just went into a rage and started throwing my stuff down the stairs . . . telling me to get out and I just went into another room and just closed the door and locked the door and he didn’t like that. He kicked the door down, came into the room, grabbed me by my ankles and yanked me out of the bed multiple times and just basically ended up choking me so I couldn’t breathe, slamming up against the door and the closet door. I told him that if he didn’t stop I was gonna call the police, so in an attempt to grab my phone from me, he threw me on the floor, wrestling me and ended up throwing me on my back, grabbing me on my wrist and ended up sitting on my stomach for a half an hour, while I was three months pregnant. When he let me up, I called the police and just packed some stuff and left the house. Went to the hospital where I found out that I lost our daughter.

  • She told the site that she pressed charges, but then decided to drop them so that the incident would not become public and she could move on with her life. But then, Joe released freestyle “No Ordinary Love Sh*t,” which made their turbulent relationship public — something that she never wanted.
  • She said, “I dropped all the charges against him, because I didn’t want any of this to get out. It was already embarrassing enough that this has happened to me. I never in my freaking life that I would ever be abused and furthermore that I would lose a child because of it. So in order for it to not go public, I dropped all the charges with the agreement and understanding that neither of us was ever gonna talk about it. But seeing as how he decided to put out all of our business in a song and I heard that he is talking about the fact that he killed our daughter on this song, so I felt like it was my responsibility to let everybody know what actually happened. The truth of what happened. I didn’t cheat on him. We weren’t together. WE aren’t together now. We broke up that night that he decided that he was gonna take an argument and make it physical. And we lost our daughter because of that.”
  • When asked if there was anything she’d like to say to Joe at this point, she said, “Get help.”

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