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In the late ’90s, Mysonne was set to be Def Jam’s hottest star.  In 1999, just as he was getting ready to release his debut album, Life Teaches and Reality Bites, on Def Jam, Mysonne landed behind bars for two armed robberies (for which he still maintains his innocence).  After having served his time, Mysonne came back on the scene harder as ever. Although he has faced his share of heartache and pain, hip hop has always been there to see him through his darkest moments; and with an impressive resume of mix tapes and videos this experienced MC is out to prove that he’s making an indelible mark in rap’s history.

IAA:  Give us a little background history of your career?

MYSONNE:   I’ve been doing music since late 1998. I started on the underground circuit doing battle rapping. I was known for my legendary battle with Shyne in 1998. I was signed to Violater Record, which was Chris Lighty’s label in 1999. I had ad numerous appearances on the Ruff Ryder album  was featured on Mase’s cd,  DMX’s  Great Depression Album, DJ Clue mixtapes, and the Violater Album Complilation. During the summer of 1999, I got incarcerated.  I served 7 years in prison, came home in 2006, and been grinding ever since. Recently I got into a situation with The game, and we are working on an album.   I have seven mixtapes to date and we are working on two more.

IAA:  Can you tell us why you were incarcerated?

MYSONNE:   I was charged with robbery in the first degree.  It was alleged that I robbed 2 cab drivers at gun point. I had got into an altercation with a cab driver over a fare. He was trying to overcharge me.  We got into an altercation, which turned into the story of him being robbed.  I then got picked out of a line up for another situation that I didn’t have any knowledge of.  So I went to trial for both situations.  Even though me and the guy had an altercation I never robbed him.  I never had a gun, never had a weapon. We exchange some words, I hit him, and he fell.  He tried to turn it into a robbery. The other robbery situation came about because once you are in the system and have a robbery charge on the books, they show any victim of that crime a book with your picture in it.  I guess someone went through the book, and said I fit the description of the person who robbed them.  I went to trial for both of those cases and was found guilty. I did 7 out of the 14 years I was sentenced to, went to my first parole board, and I have been home every since.

IAA:  Can you explain your situation with def jam?

MYSONNE:   I was signed to def jam in 1998, when I did the Violater album. I had a six album deal.  I was signed to Violater/Def Jam, so I was signed to Chris Lighty. It was promising , everything looked good. I was going to be the next big thing. Unfortunately, my incarceration hindered that. It took a few years for me to go through the appeal process. When the appeals didn’t go through and I realized I wasn’t coming home we decided to part with the situation.  When I got out, I came home as a free agent.

IAA:  Can you name some of the other artist in the industry that you have worked with?

MYSONNE:   I’ve worked with Busta, Jadakiss, DMX, Mase, Noreaga, Prodigy, Rick Ross, and Cory Gunz, to name a few.

IAA:  Are you looking to be signed with a major label, or do you want to stay an independent artist?

MYSONNE:   It would depend on the situation. The climate of music and the industry doesn’t call for a major situation right now.  I just feel like independent artist can control their own destiny. With the birth of the internet and all these other outlets signing with a major label is not necessary.    A major situation isn’t called for especially if you already have a strong following.  A major label can really just expose you to places you haven’t really been exposed to. Dealing with The  Game, coming off of European tours, and doing the whole west to Midwest tour, has given me opportunities  that the average person doesn’t have. Working with The Game, I am able to utilize his fan base, and expand myself. I really don’t care about being signed to a major or not. I’m more concerned about spreading my name and brand, and I’m able to do that with the outlet I have right now.

How did you hook up with the Game?

MYSONNE:   Actually I hooked up with him through the internet.  The Game is a student of hip hop. He studies hip hop and pays attention to what is hot and what’s not. His dj,  Dj Hayes, brought him some music of mine that he had heard, and Game was like, “ I remember Mysonne,  from Violater, he’s dope.  Won’t you reach out to him and have him come and join the team” , At that point Dj Hayes reached out to me and since I didn’t know who he was I said, “ If Game wants me to join, have Game call me.”  Game called me the next day and we had a hour long conversation. The next week I flew up to LA, and we started recording and working.  I have nothing but love and respect for him.

IAA:  What are some of the current projects you are working on?

MYSONNE:   Currently I am working with The Game on the Money Game project, and  I’m working on my new mixtape, Definition Of A G Part 2 with Dj Scream.  I’m working  on a documentary, documenting my rise,  fall, struggle, and gain in this industry. I also have a new single I just dropped. I’m always working.

IAA:  When can fans expect an album or mixtape from you.

MYSONNE:   You can’t really give a date. You just have to know when the climate is right. You have to feel and know when the people want to hear your music.  When the people are ready for you is when you put it out.  I just think having a release date makes no sense. If you have a release date of October, and the people don’t want the album then it’s just a waste of a date. You just have to feel when they feel it. When people are asking for an artist,  that’s when you give them the album.

IAA:  Tell us more details about the documentary you are working on?

MYSONNE:   Well the documentary is basically a combination of videos, along with me telling my story.  A lot of people heard about my situation and have speculation of why I got locked up.  They remember me and want to know what happened. I want to hear people to hear from me, not from tabloids or a third party source.   I also want to give my fans the opportunity to connect with me more.

IAA:  Where do you see yourself within the next year?

MYSONNE:   The next few months are going to be big.  After going on this European tour, I’m so focused on music. When you just stay in one place, your mind is stuck on what is going on in that place.  You don’t realize that there is a whole world outside of that place.  Once I left and went to Europe, I got more in tuned with myself and my music in turned became elevated.  When you’re listening to the radio, and you listening to who they say is hot.  You then listen to your music and start thinking something is wrong with you.  You think, “I don’t sound  like that, so if they think that is hot, they’re  not gonna like me.”  When you travel the world and your opening up shows where thousands of people are screaming your name, you realize you know exactly what you are doing.  My music is so fresh and that much better at this point. The fans can expect just raw music, no pop music , no trying to fit in, just to the point and heartfelt.



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