Get To Know PB HASSAN-Camden’s Uprising Star!
Aug 2011 18

From Camden, New Jersey byway of Los Angeles, California, PB HASSAN indulged into
music at the early stages of his life. Whether it was spitting rhymes in ciphers, performing at local talent shows, or collaborating with various artists and, music was and still his life. His music has been featured on various soundtracks such as House Party 3,Butt Booty Naked, Half Past Dead, Last Time and many others. He’s  been the hypeman for artist such as Domino and AMG and has performed around the world  He has also worked with Dr. Dre,  Howie Tee, and has been a ghost writer for many. PB HASSAN is ready to take the hip hop world by storm.

IAA: What is your music background?
P. HIGGA: My music background consists of hip hop, oldies, house music, and a little bit of Rock.

IAA: What inspired you to pursue music?
PB HASSAN: Members of my family inspired me to do music. My aunt was in a singing group when I was younger. I loved seeing them rehearse in the basement for their upcoming shows. Also one of my cousin was a singer and had an album out as well. My grand mother (R.I.P Emily Miller) played piano in the church choir. Through Oprah Winfrey she was afforded the opportunity to play at Carnegie Hall for Natalie Cole.  Also, seeing cats on the block in ciphers
and at the park battlling and doing freestyles got me hooked!

IAA: What are your songs about?
PB HASSAN:  My songs are about pain, love, struggle, having a good time, partying, fantasy,women, relationships, money, my childhood memories, and life experiences

IAA: Do you write your own music?
PB HASSAN: Yes, I write my own my own music, and I also ghost  write for other artist as well. I really enjoy doing that.

IAA: Who are your musical influences?
PB HASSAN:  Its sound so cliche’ to say this person and that person because I like so many different types of music and artists. A lot of my influences are soulful, hip hop, and oldies artist from the 80’s and 90’s all the way up to today’s music. I listen to everyone and I give everything a chance even if I don’t like it.  I believe every artist has something to say, I even listen to commercial jingles…its deep, lol.

IAA: How would you describe your music to people?
PB HASSAN: I would describe my music to people as storytelling, emotional party music, thinking music,banging in the club music, street music, rolling in the whip music, and worldwide universal  music.

IAA: What makes you stand out from other artist?
PB HASSAN: I believe my delivery,my voice,my showmanship and last but not least my energy all makes me stand out from other artists

IAA:  What are some upcoming projects you are currently working on?
PB HASSAN:  Upcoming projects I’m working on include my “Street Food” Mixtape and my alias artist name “Ovakill”  mixtape. I’m also featured on Kacey Chrysler’s  upcoming Empire State Mixtape Volume 5″hosted by Akon of Konvict Muzik, DJ Benny Demus, and grammy award winner Mr. Cheeks coming in December 25, 2011

IAA: What are you career goals? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
PB HASSAN:  My career goal is to have a successful career in the entertainment industry and I see myself sharing my music with the world in 10 years.

IAA: How can your fans access your music and contact you?
PB HASSAN:  My fans can access my music at:
WWS MAG.COM/ Artist: PB/ Song :”Woww!!”
They can contact me at:
TWITTER: @PB’sCorner





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