IAA SPOTLIGHT: Get To Know- 757 WAYNE PERRY- Maryland’s Uprising Star!
Nov 2011 02

Born and raised in Maryland, Perry 757 Wayne Perry Rogers knew music was his passion from a young age. Experiencing many ups and downs in life, 757 Wayne Perry has used music as his outlet to express himself and connect
with the world.

IAA: What is your music background?
757 Wayne Perry:  Hip Hop/Rap

IAA:  What inspired you to pursue music?
757 Wayne Perry:  When I was in the 5th grade my friend and I would freestyle songs on the karaoke machine. As I got older, I started to understand how to write songs based my personal views and experiences. I became fascinated with perfecting the craft and using words to create a vivid picture.

IAA: What are your songs about?
757 Wayne Perry:  Being able to touch on various topics is a very important skill to me. I am a well rounded artist. I touch on a variety of topics, from the good to the bad, struggles to success. I also like to do songs about partying, relaxing, just enjoying life.  Anything you can think of, I have a song relating to that subject matter.

IAA: Do you write your own music?
757 Wayne Perry:  Yes, I create and write all of my music.  I even write hooks for other artists as well.

IAA: Who are your musical influences?
757 Wayne Perry:  Jay-Z, Nas, Tupac and Biggie are some of my biggest influences.    I have studied their styles, word play, delivery, and versatility. I find them to be very influential.  They have inspired me to master and perfect my own unique sound.

IAA: How would you describe your music to people?
757 Wayne Perry:  My music is very chill with a smooth and laid back delivery. I have witty word play and strong punch lines.   My style varies from beat to beat. I tailor my flow to the beat and attack it fromdifferent angles.

IAA: What makes you stand out from other artists?
757 Wayne Perry:  What makes me stand apart from other artists is my style, creativity, and versatility. I stand out because I have catchy phrases and ideas that tend to stick in peoples’ minds.

IAA: What are some upcoming projects, you are currently working on?
757 Wayne Perry:  I have a few mix tapes titled The CoPilot Fly With Me, Hitman Wayne P Signature Series, that I am currently finishing up. When those are finished I will be start working on my next mix tape Rock Star Hardy Boy .

IAA: What are your career goals? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
757 Wayne Perry:  I see myself being a famous, highly successful, and respected artist.   I feel I have the potential and character to go down in history as one of the greatest artist of all time.   I also want to invest in different types of businesses. My major goal is to better my family, the world, and give back to my community.

IAA: How can your fans access your music and contact you?
757 Wayne Perry:  My fans can access my music on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, ReverbNation,  A&R Live and MySpace.







  1. Patricia (Mom) says:

    Waynep757 is your new upcoming artist.

    Perry you are own your way!!!

  2. Patricia (Mom) says:

    Loving it, I got your back son!!

  3. Roon says:

    757 is the best of the best of the best with honors!!!

  4. Roon says:

    Perry is 1 of the better artist in the country not just Maryland! (true statement)

  5. Patricia (Mom) says:

    True…I concur!!

  6. GG (God Mother) says:

    Very proud of you! So happy that you stepped out and decided to make this dream a reality!

  7. bobby edmunds says:

    do ur thing homie much support but have u contacted silk or any of his peoples about using his name?

  8. montana says:

    he probably dnt even kno who silk is….he should have jus used wayne rogers..the name the real wayne perry made for himself is too much for this punk to out do

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