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IAA:  Where did your interest in graphic designing begin?

MICHAEL DARDEN:  My interest with graphic design began at Community College of Philadelphia. I started taking art classes there in 2001 and I immediately enjoyed being in an artistic environment. After about a year I talked to my professors and various art students about different art majors and the only major that struck my interest was graphic design. I enjoyed learning about the other studies of art such as painting, sculpture, and drawing but graphic design was challenging and competitive which is how I am.

IAA:  How do you find your inspiration?

MICHAEL DARDEN:  Pablo Picasso was always my favorite artist and he also inspired me because of his abstract expressionism. My artistic style is abstract and I enjoy being unique and original which was Picasso’s gift.

IAA:  What tools are in your designer’s toolbox that would be tough to live without? Software, apps, hardware, books, or otherwise?

MICHAEL DARDEN:  I design most of my work with the adobe illustrator program and it’s very beneficial for the creation of my work. I also read various design magazines and computer books focusing on the latest designs and software information.

IAA:  Name some of the past and current projects you are working on?

MICHAEL DARDEN:  One of my favorite projects that I worked on was the Whooping Crane dripping with oil. I have an interest in birds and my professor at the time really liked it too and it recommended that I submit it into an art exhibition at the Crane Art Gallery in Northern Liberty. Recently I’ve been working on famous graphic faces of powerful black icons and other ethnic leaders and icons such as Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Bob Marley, Shirley Chisholm and Biggie to just name a few.

IAA:  Do you feel that it’s important for someone to be passionate about art in order to be successful in the field?

MICHAEL DARDEN:  I feel that it definitely helps to be passionate about art or any other profession that one pursues because it makes your work experience more joyful and it doesn’t seem like work. A person has to be passionate about art if they want to be successful because it’s an internal talent.

IAA:  How would you describe your style?

MICHAEL DARDEN:  I have an abstract style and a lot of my art pieces are various shapes that create an image.

IAA:  What are some of your personal and/or professional goals for the future?

MICHAEL DARDEN:  Some of my personal and professional goals for the future include expanding my environmental clothing line, which consists of images that focus on deforestation, oil spills, endangered animals, smog, and other environmental issues. I also want to continue increasing my artistic skills in graphic design.

IAA:  Where can fans of your work see your portfolio and how can you be contacted?

MICHAEL DARDEN:  Fans can see my artwork from my environmental clothing line at www.planetees.biz . And if anyone wants to order any shirts they can contact me by email at mdy23d@aol.com 215-341-0060 or 215-242-5829





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