Dec 2011 19

World-renowned poet Dr. Maya Angelo recites one of her poems during the intro of Common‘s song, “The Dreamer,” from his recently released album, The Dreamer, The Believer. Angelo recently voiced her disappointment after hearing the track and Common’s usage of the N-word on it. She told the New York Post, “I had no idea that Common was using the piece we had done together in which he also used the ‘N’ word numerous times . . . I’m surprised and disappointed. I don’t know why he chose to do that. I had never heard him use that word before. I admired him so because he wasn’t singing the line of least resistance.”

  • Common defended himself by saying, “She knows I do use the word. She knows that’s part of me.” He did clarify that he didn’t specifically tell her he would be using the N-word on that particular song. Common added that he was just trying to inspire people with the song. He said, “I told her what ‘The Dreamer’ was about and what I wanted to get across to people . . . I wanted young people to hear this and feel like they could really accomplish their dreams.”

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