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kita-and-moTerrell Owens’ ex besties and publicists Monique Jackson and Kita Williams have opened up about T.O.’s recent statements, saying that they are no longer friends. The two denied rumors that they’ve stolen from him and also clarified T.O.’s claims that they were conducting deals behind his back.

Mo told The Insider, “We never brought Terrell in the beginning stages in any deal until it was time to sign on the dotted line and get the real deal going. Because at the time his focus was supposed to be football! There were other shows that we shopped for other people! He wasn’t brought in because: A) It wasn’t about him, and B) he’s playing football. Why bother him until it’s something we know is for certain?”

Mo added, “If he wanted to know the day to day that’s a two way street. What he won’t say is when we were filming season two, we had a conversation in a parking lot where we talked about coming up with a production company of our own.”

Kita added her two cents, saying, “We haven’t taken a percentage from The T.O. Show from him directly, or the new movie he’s promoting which we got for him. There are some things as friends we let ride. We secured many deals that we didn’t talk to him about initially because it wasn’t set yet! We’ve never excluded him, but we’ve always been excluded to be honest.”


When asked how did the beef start, Kita said, “He’s mad at everybody. We were friends first. People forget that. We were friends for 12 years. Terrell is the only client we had where we had a friendship first.”

When asked where there relationship stands now, Mo said that they are “estranged.” Kita added, “We haven’t technically sat down with him, and we need to, and I hope the family circle can get back together. We hope we get back on the same playing field. We love him and we definitely want the best for him.”

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