Natalie Nunn Says Amber Rose Is Obsessed With Her
Apr 2011 25










Natalie Nunn says that Wiz Khalifa‘s new girlfriend Amber Rose is obsessed with her — and that Amber’s ex-assistant revealed that to her. In a radio interview, Natalie said, “I’m again minding my own business, just landed in Panama City, I got an appearance, I hit the beach real quick, I look down at my phone real quick and one of my boys is like, ‘Yo, Amber Rose’s assistant is trying to get your [Blackberry Messenger], she wants to holler at you. About what? So we connect the BBM in a chat room and Amber Rose’s assistant is going in on Amber Rose.”

She continued, “Talking about, ‘She’s steady staying on your Twitter, she steady worrying about what you’re doing. She don’t even give a f*ck about Wiz [Khalifa]. She’s just worried about what Natalie Nunn’s doing.’ But every time I try to tell people what the f*ck the real is, they point their finger at Natalie. She’s the motherf*cking bad guy.”

Natalie also revealed that the assistant left Amber due financial complications.

She said, “[She] just recently quit on Amber Rose because the b*tch ain’t got no money to pay for her motherf*cking assistant. Let me tell you something. These n*ggas can go ahead and sugarcoat whatever the f*ck they want — when I put my motherf*cking money in the bank every day, that’s my motherf*cking money.”

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  1. keisha says:

    “You only see in others what you see you yourself” lol anything she calls out Amber for, is what she is infact her self.
    Her rants and anger just tell me people around her are constantly insulting her, otherwise she wouldnt have to keep reminding people of how great she is.

    Its funny, Lil Kim is a perfect example of why Natalie Nunn is a jealous and insecure chick.
    It makes sense that they’rer friends.
    Kim is mad at someone who’s doing everything better than she is AKA Nicki
    Natalie is shittin her pants for the same reason
    Even if Rose does the same thing after, she’s ten times better
    a tough exterior wont hide the fact that she’s crying on the inside

    SMH at Natalie Nunn

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