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french_trina1Trina and French Montana refuse to confirm that they are dating. French was in an interview with Hot 97’s Angie Martinez and Trina was there. When asked why Trina was with him, he said, “She’s doing a photo shoot. She was here. She was doing something next door with Carmelo [Anthony].” When asked if there was something more, he said “Nah, come on.” He continued, “Every time she comes in town, she just hollers. She’s my homie. … We got a big record together called ‘Tic Toc.’ … That’s Trina’s record. [We have one for myself too.] Yup. Yeah. We working. We get a lot of work done. [laughs] I’m helping her out, she’s helping me out with music. I executive produced her mixtape. Yeah.”

Trina also spoke about the project, saying, “He actually did executive produce the mixtape and it was great, it was amazing. It was great to have his energy. He’s very creative. Believe it or not and very focused when it comes to the studio — the chemistry was really great for me to cling on to him and work on more projects and more music. He put together a lot of great records for the mixtape.”

  • In an interview with The Breakfast Club, he kind of confirmed that he and Trina are dating. After talking about Trina, when asked if it’s hard to date someone in the spotlight, he said, “We just to stay low, under the radar.”

Mar 2013 06

dmx-iyanla-vanzantIn the premiere of Iyanla: Fix My Life’s second season, Iyanla takes on one of her most daunting tasks so far when she attempts to fix the life of troubled rapper DMX. In the 90-minute episode, Iyanla visits DMX at his home in Yonkers and things go wrong very quickly, after Iyanla asks DMX if he is high.

Judging from the teaser DMX, doesn’t like a woman questioning him and his emotions get the best of him and he yells,

Shut the f*** up man. You ain’t got to be intimidated man. Just stop running your mouth

Iyanla, definitely checked DMX.

Catch her reaction below:

Mar 2013 06

Kanye+West+SwayKanye West made a surprise call in to Hot 97 yesterday (March 5th) to give his reaction about coming in at #7 for MTV‘s Hottest MC’s in the Game list. He said about coming in on the list. “That was cool and everything. More than anything, I’m happy for Sean, but I feel like he should be on top 5. He’s bodying records, like the way he started off that “Mercy.”

On coming in at no.7, and thinking he is the top rapper in the world, he said, “Yeah, #7 bothers me. I think that [Lil] Wayne is the number one rapper in the world.”

He continued, [“I feel like in order for them to put me in number 7 they had to bring up things that they didn’t like. They didn’t like the Cruel Summer album. And, I’m like its a compilation. It ain’t all rappers on GOOD Music. I mean Cruel Summer got ‘Don’t Like (Remix),’ ‘Mercy,’ ‘Cold,’ all on one joint. And “Clique!” You can’t name 5 records like that on no album, but they wanted to diss me and be like ‘Oh, he did Cruel Summer and he can’t say he ain’t apart of it because he’s on 8 records.’ Ain’t nobody bringing up that “Diamonds” remix verse. It wasn’t no verse in a year that was fucking with that verse! It’s definitely not based on a body of work, but possibly it could be, like, overall rap-MC-swag, you know what I’m saying.”] SOUNDCUE (: 55 OC . . . what I’m saying)

  • Kanye then said that his fashion sense and relationship with Kim possibly had something to do with him not landing higher up on the list. He said, [“. . . when you come in, I had like the pink polo and the backpack and I’m checkin’ all the boxes of that Tribe Called Quest era and J. Dilla and all that, so they wanna champion it. They don’t like Givenchy Kanye. They don’t like Kanye in a kilt. They don’t like Kanye in a relationship. I don’t think it’s them really going bar for bar. I said, “Lucky I ain’t had Jay drop him from the team.” Ain’t no bar, ain’t no bar in the entire past 12 months that’s hotter than that bar. That’s one bar! I couldn’t believe it. I gave Sway his first TV. He came over to my crib in Newark, NJ. I was living in Newark doing beats for Jay and Beans and all them and I was getting a new TV and I gave Sway his first TV. And really I didn’t really wanna even like call to talk about the #7 list, I just wanna tell everybody that I gave Sway his first TV. And he need to remember that. “] SOUNDCUE (:56 OC: to remember that)


Lil Wayne and Sway took to Twitter to respond to Kanye’s rant. Wayne wrote, “That’s the ultimate compliment coming from a humble,great,extremely creative,& superior genius…I appreciate that Yeezy!”

  • Sway tweeted, “#Swaysfirsttv OK the jig is up! @KanyeWest thanks 4 my 1st Tv BUT you still owe me the REMOTE! lol #Hottestmc finale on @MTVJAMS Thurs 10pm!”

Mar 2013 06

Splitting ImageIAA:  What is your music background?

SPLITTING IMAGE:  Our music background began in our childhood. We grew up listening to music by great artists like Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, and Beyonce. As children, we would make up songs and beats for them. As we grew older, we began to find unique ways to hone our craft. Leshai, the singer of Splitting Image, began to cover songs by our influences to find her voice and her sound. As producers, Hood Angel and I began to practice making beats by using a music production program called Ableton Live to perfect our sound and learn how to become better producers.

IAA:  Why do you want to record and release your own music?

SPLITTING IMAGE:  We really want to use music as an outlet to speak about our past experiences and give our fans something they can relate to. With our beats, we tell a story that is unspoken. We tell stories through instruments the same way a poet would with words. Leshai brings the emotional aspect to the music by singing about love, heartbreak, and just having fun.

IAA:  What are your songs about?

SPLITTING IMAGE:  The songs that we make are about life. What we have experienced is a big part of the songs we create. We usually come up with a concept and build on it. For instance, if Leshai comes up with a melody or song title that we all like, we immediately dive in and try to develop a sound that will bring out that concept. We put a lot of our own thoughts and feelings into our music.

IAA:  Who is your fan base directed toward?

SPLITTING IMAGE:  As producers, most of our fan base consists of unsigned hip-hop artists looking for beats that will bring out the message of their song or image. The artists are usually looking for a hot beat that sounds like what you hear on the radio, but is also unique.  Leshai’s fans are mostly young men and women between the ages of 18-30 in all areas of the world from the US to India.

IAA:  Who are your musical influences?

SPLITTING IMAGE:   We have been influenced by Kanye West, Swizz Beatz, Pharrell Williams, Missy Elliott and Timbaland.

IAA:  How would you describe your music to people?

SPLITTING IMAGE:  Our music can be described as something different and unique. While we try to make music that can be played on the radio, we do not always look to the latest trend when making a song. We go for what sounds good, and what feels right to us. We stay true to our music, so the best description for our music is that it is 100% original.

IAA:  What makes you stand out from other artist?

SPLITTING IMAGE:  We stand out by being three sisters with three separate talents and personalities that merge together to create a musical force. We are all years apart, I am 23, Leshai is 17, and Hood Angel is 14. We also write, record, compose, and produce all of our own music.

IAA:  What are some upcoming projects you are currently working on?

SPLITTING IMAGE:  We are currently working on Leshai’s sophomore album and working on new hip-hop and r&b beats to put our for our fans. We are hoping to release Leshai’s album this spring.

IAA:  What are your career goals? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

SPLITTING IMAGE:  Even though we all have our own individual goals, one common long term goal we all have is to become a prominent force in the music industry. We want to build a legacy through music, but also make a name for ourselves in the television and film industry.

IAA:  How can your fans access your music and contact you?

SPLITTING IMAGE:  Fans can listen to our beats on, follow us on twitter @ImageBeats, and like us on facebook,

Leshai’s music and videos can be found on,, and on her facebook page,




Mar 2013 05


The Maybach Bawse lives the good life in the video, “Ashamed”, a cut off of  God Forgives, I Don’t LP. Check out the video below!

Mar 2013 05

michael-jordan-mj-50-birthday-partyA rep for Michael Jordan has released a statement about the paternity case filed against him. A woman named Pamela Smith filed documents in Fulton County, GA in an attempt to establish that Jordan is the father of her teen son Grant Pierce Jay Jordan Reynolds aka Taj. According to, Michael Jordan’s lawyer filed documents yesterday (March 4th) requesting the case be dismissed.

Michael Jordan’s rep said in a statement, “Public records show that the paternity of the child was established in a prior case in this same court many years ago and that Michael Jordan is not the father.”

  • The statement continued, “It is unfortunate that well-known figures are the target of these kind of claims. Michael Jordan will vigorously defend himself and his reputation.”

Mar 2013 05

kelly rowland michelle 2011Kelly Rowland has reacted to Keyshia Cole‘s diss towards Michelle Williams. As previously reported, Keyshia dissed Michelle Williams‘ performance during Beyonce’s Superbowl show. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Kelly said, “It didn’t even make it on my radar until other people brought it up. It didn’t even matter. We had a wonderful performance, and that’s all I cared about. I was with my sisters and the three of us matter to each other, and that’s all that counts. We matter to a lot more people, with all due respect, than her. So, I really don’t care what she said.”

  • Kelly also talked about what other things she’d like to accomplish in her career. She said, “I want to do a line of accessories and shoes. I’m working on that right now. I always draw something in my tablet that I carry and I always have ideas on accessories, on what I would change or [how I would] hook certain things up. I want it to be affordable but luxurious, that every woman can have and feel sexy and fly in. I’m working on it. I’m headed to L.A. now to make sure of that. Early, early talks and early stages, but yeah, I’m a grown woman now, and it’s time to do grown-woman things.”

Mar 2013 05


Remy Ma may be behind bars, but she is still laying down tracks. Papoose duets with his first lady on “Whats My Name,” a single off his upcoming album The Nacirema Dream.

Check out the lovers’ track below!

Mar 2013 05

saylahveeIAA:  What is your music background?

SAY LAH VEE:  I come from a musical family.  My grandparents toured the Midwest as a country-western band.  My uncles then made careers in music, one selling songs he had written in Memphis, TN until his death.  Myself, I tried singing as a child and was told every time that I was tone-deaf, and would never be able to sing.  After hearing that enough times, and still feeling the need to make music, at the age of twelve I ended up taking money from a small savings account my parents had set up for me to buy my first guitar.  That’s where it began.  For the next 5-6 years, I continued to play rhythm guitar in a band consisting of my brother, and cousin.  Due to the moving around as a child I was separated from my cousin and the band for 50 out of the 52 weeks of the year, so what it was eventually died.  After the end of that I took up solo acoustic playing, and upon getting asked “Why can’t you sing your own songs?” after sharing one of my projects, I devoted most of my music time to vocals, and never looked back.  Sometime after, I landed the front man gig for a small time metal band called WreckLoose.  It was fun, but didn’t last long.  I blame musical differences and our own immaturity at the time.  It wasn’t until then, that I reunited with an old friend of mine and got the idea to make a studio and speak our minds in a different way.  I started with a Guitar Hero microphone, nothing else.  But I learned, and I upgraded.  Now 2 years later I have a fully functional vocal studio and music that is actually taken seriously.  In 2012, I really broke out of my shell and began doing shows within the Chicago city limits.  Shows were nothing new to me, as a musician, but they were new to me as a solo artist.  What I took away was priceless. Now I am at better point than I’ve ever been, set to release my next mix-tape.

IAA:  Why do you want to record and release your own music?

SAY LAH VEE:   I started my current endeavor in an attempt to create a form or (Modern) Rap that I enjoyed.  In doing so I was able to make connections finding out that there are others who feel like I do. I personally feel that I have the ability to give certain people something different, in regards to my genre(s).  The eclectic style with the style of lyricism I tend to stick to is different than what’s “out.”

IAA:  What are your songs about?

SAY LAH VEE:  Majority of my music tends to be motivational in some way shape or form.  My main objective is to promote self-worth, confidence, and determination.  A lot of my songs follow a blueprint, as far as lyrics are concerned.  I treat a song like a story, per se.  It must have some form of conflict and resolution.  So more often than not, I tend to have the verses be negative, and the choruses are positive.  A sort of “Rap the bad, Sing the good” formula.  I try at all costs to avoid random lyrics or punch lines that don’t really tie to the songs concept.

IAA:  Who is your fan base directed towards?

SAY LAH VEE:  My target demographic is mainly in the 18-30 range, and it tends to stand out just a little bit more to the female gender.  The ages can vary, but there are some explicit lyrics in a few of my songs, so I believe 18+ is the best target.  I have also been approached by more seasoned fans telling me my music can even appeal to the older crowd due to the positive nature of my overall messages.

IAA:  Who are your musical influences?

SAY LAH VEE:  Individual influences are scarce.  I tend to draw influence from song to song, rather than artist to artist.  Although one artist has had a bigger role in just the pure motivation of my music in every stage it was ever in, and that’s Claudio Sanchez of Coheed and Cambria.  His creativity knows no bounds.  His skill as both a guitar player and vocalist are unbelievable in their own rights.  The concept to which everything he does pertains to, really takes the “storytelling” aspect to a new level.  Mr. Sanchez has been my biggest influence since I became a fan of Coheed in Middle School.

IAA:  How would you describe your music to people?

SAY LAH VEE:  Different.  I have such strong influences from such a wide variety of artists and genres.  I am consistently trying to find a way to incorporate the different styles of music.

IAA:  What makes you stand out from other artists?

SAY LAH VEE:  Versatility.  I am able to sing as well as rap and engineer. Being able to record has also seemed to give me a leg up so far.  Similar to the last answer, my ability to  blend and mesh styles sets me apart, in my opinion.

IAA:  What are some upcoming projects you are currently working on?

SAY LAH VEE:  I am currently putting together my next mix-tape “Unfortunate, But Necessary” piece by piece.  I have a few collaboration tracks coming out soon as well.  Up until now my main objective was to focus on my tape and get it finished.  I have only a few songs left to finish up as far as it’s concerned then it’s on to promotion.

IAA:  What are your career goals?  Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

SAY LAH VEE:   I am striving to make a name for myself as a unique artist.  A writer with lyrics that can be easily recognized and associated with motivational music. I want to have a voice that can be easily identified. I want to constantly be improving.

IAA:  How can your fans access your music and contact you? 

SAY LAH VEE:  As of right now, there are a few ways to access my music.

A few profiles of mine include:

And for contact: