Ri Ri’s Blast From The Past
Apr 2011 18

Some old photos of Rihanna and her family have surfaced online and have allegedly revealed that Ri Ri has siblings — outside of her two brothers from her mom and dad, that she doesn’t really talk about. Theybf.com reported that Rihanna has three older siblings through her dad, by three different women. Ri Ri’s dad Ronald Fenty has admitted that he was a womanizer back in the day and it resulted in multiple births by multiple women.

Rihanna reportedly has an older sister named Kandy, who is 32, another sister named Samantha, who is 30 and a brother named Jamie, who is 27. They were all born before Ronald married Rihanna’s mom Monica.

  • Kandy literally showed up to Ronald’s doorstep one day and said, “I asked, ‘Are you Mr Fenty?’ When he said yes, I said, ‘Hi I’m Kandy and I’m your daughter’.” Ronald says after Kandy explained who her mother was, he welcomed her into his home.
  • Ronald said, “I guess you could say I was shocked. But I was a bit on the wild side and something of a ladies’ man back in my early days.”
  • Samantha said she lost contact with Ronald when he left her mother and moved to Canada for work. After seven years, Ronald moved back to Barbados and Samantha began to look for him. By the time she found him, Rihanna was three years old. Samantha calls RiRi “mini me” because of their similar looks.
  • She said Rihanna has done a good job keeping in touch with both her and her older brother Jamie — who is a graphic artist. Samantha said they meet up with the singer whenever she returns home and she and Jamie have also become close to Rihanna’s younger brothers Rorrey and Rajad.


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