Feb 2012 10

Rick Ross reportedly came face to face with Freeway Rick Ross in court last week. As previously reported, the two are in an ongoing dispute regarding the rapper using Freeway Rick Ross’s named. According to The Huffington Post, the two men gave depositions in court — with Freeway saying, “[He] treated me as if I had done something to him. When he first came to me, he didn’t know what position I was going to take, if I was going to send a word out to those young cats out in L.A. or not. That put a little fear in his heart.”

He continued, “Now that he knows I’m not carrying it like that, he’s a little more courageous right now,” Freeway Rick Ross said adding: [He] has my name tattooed on his hand.”

The newspaper reported that the rap star shot Freeway a dirty look while they were in court.

  • Freeway Rick Ross originally filed a $10 million lawsuit against the rap star, born William Leonard Roberts III in May 2010, claiming that he is illegally profiting off of his name. The suit was dismissed in November 2010, when a judge ruled that he couldn’t sue, because his past criminal acts destroyed “any possibility that he has any valid trademark rights in his name, that have been violated by defendants.”
  • The judge ruled that Freeway Rick could appeal in state court, which he did.

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