Mar 2013 28

waka-flocka-gucci-mane-rapradarGucci Mane shocked fans when he dropped Waka Flocka Flame from his Brick Squad 1017 label. But while some fans had hoped that the twosome would reunite, its seems like a reconciliation isn’t going to happen .

“Waka flacka flames officially dropped off brick squad 1017. Big Guwop say give me a offer fa this disloyal lil nigga,” tweeted Gucci earlier this month.

Gucci’s reps claimed he was hacked, but Waka isn’t buying it. “Nah, that Twitter wasn’t hacked because we had a conversation before that. Real aggressive words like, ‘Ni**a let’s get up, let’s do this,’” Waka said during an appearance on MTV’s “RapFix Live”

Waka has been accused of being disloyal, but denies those accusations. “Honest to God truth, I don’t know because I’m the loyalist person you could ever see. I took on a man’s beef, risked my life, hung out the window, risked my freedom. I never backed in a corner,” he said, referring to Gucci’s beef with Young Jeezy. “To my knowledge, it can’t be nothing but jealously or something because there is nothing I did disloyal.”

While they’re both managed by Waka’s mother Deb Antney, Waka plans to stay clear of all dealings with Gucci. “It ain’t gonna never be no business, ever in life. No music or nothing,” he declared. “I don’t feel nothing he say out his mouth. It ain’t real.”

Gucci’s threat to drop Waka is easier said than done because of Waka’s investment in Brick Squad. “I own a percentage of Brick Squad 1017 and I own 100% of Brick Squad Monopoly, so you can’t kick the boss out,” said Waka.

Gucci went to jail this week for assaulting a soldier. “He ain’t it, he’s bad vibes around me,” said Waka. “I greet fans; he punches fans. It’s a difference.”

Despite their beef, he doesn’t wish him harm. “That’s foul, I don’t wish jail or death on nobody.”

Mar 2013 11

rita-ora-azealia-banksAzealia Banks has gotten into another Twitter beef — this time with Rita Ora. The two are currently on tour together — and have been apparently having some issues. Azealia tweeted, “She’s mad she’s Rihanna’s understudy. She’s been TRYING IT on this tour . . . . Lol Rita Ora is so thirsty. She climbed over the wall of my dancers dressing room to snap photos.”

In response, Rita sent Azealia a text, which she posted online. The text read, “At the end of the day I don’t knw who the f*k u think you are secondly u dont know me I’ve done nothin but try be nice to u 3rdly ur dancers were talkn to me further more ill see ur ass at the mutherf*ckin concert.”

  • Azealia then wrote to Rita, “Try me if you like. :).” She then added, “Ever since I arrived on this tour Rita’s been going out of her way to try and intimidate me. Taking all these candids of me when I wasn’t looking, then posting and deleting them like a weak b*tch.”

Jan 2013 10

mariah-carey-nicki-minajEntertainment Tonight correspondent Rocsi Diaz chatted with Mariah Carey about her highly publicized beef with Nicki Minaj. Mariah spoke on her “messy moments” with the rap diva, saying, “Here’s what I meant by messy moments: You just have to adapt. And I think my thing is I have to be myself, and if that means that in that moment I don’t hear you; I don’t see you; you don’t exist to me at this moment – that’s what it is.”

Mariah also told Rocsi that she is putting her issues with Nicki behind her. She said, “I would say closure is the most important thing and if you don’t have closure with someone, you can’t really continue on.”

  • During the TCA Winter Press tour earlier this week, Nicki had nothing but nice things to say about Mariah. She told the press, “I say nice things about Mariah all the time. She is one of my favorite artists of all time. To be on a panel with her, it’s kind of crazy. All the singers come in aspiring to be Mariah, in terms of talent and in terms of career length.”
  • Mariah responded, “That was a very sweet thing to say. We did a song that was from my album and it was called, ironically, Up Out My Face. It was one of my favorite songs. And I did feel like she was going to go very far and still have that feeling. I am grateful for anything nice that she or anyone has to say.
  • American Idol premieres on January 16th on FOX.

Dec 2012 12

chad-ochocinco-300Monday (December 10th) was Evelyn’s 37th birthday and in true “Chrianna” fashion, Eve and ex hubby Chad Johnson were caught sub-tweeting each other. Chad wished her a happy birthday via Twitter in Spanish. He wrote, “Happy birthday, love. I hope one day I can hold you again. God be with you, hope you have insurance.” Evelyn responded in Spanish, “Thank you for my birthday wish. I miss you so much.”

Chad’s daughter Jicyraa also tweeted Ev on her birthday, writing, “Long story short: I LOVE YOU. I MISS YOU. I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU. YOU ARE THE BEST. NOBODY CAN TAKE YOUR PLACE IN THIS LITTLE HEART OF MINE. I’M SO HAPPY YOU’RE IN MY LIFE.”

  • Evelyn responded, “Why she will forever have a special place in my heart @Jicyraa_Carter — You have me crying.” Ev then tweeted in spanish “A missing piece” and Chad responded, “I’m the missing piece.”

Dec 2012 06

Future has opened up about his past issues with Drake. As previously reported, Drake was featured on Future’s “Tony Montana” single, but did not appear in the video. Future said in a past interview that the move was a slap in the face. He now tells MTV News,
“It gets blown out of proportion because when I did the interview I said what I said, but they cut the interview off when I was sayin’ that I knew it might’ve been his management, it might’ve been his team. It be more to it when you’re doin’ videos and you’re doin’ verses. It takes a team effort sometimes and I didn’t understand that when I was first gettin’ in the game.”

Future said that things are good between them and they are currently working on new music in the studio. The Atlanta rapper added that he doesn’t know when or if the song will ever come out.

  • He explained, “I’ll never know if it will happen… I just gotta do the music. I ain’t even thinkin’ about that. If I think about that we would have never gotten back in the studio. If we do music, we’re gonna do music together and let the lawyers talk, let the labels do their thing, let the managers do their thing.”

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