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lhhreunionWhile rumors about Cons and Joe’s fight during  the Love & Hip-Hop Reunion show have been swirling the internet, Tahiry hit up the breakfast club to set the record straight.

She stated: “We had a little two minute break, and as Joey and I were walking out somebody flies over my head and sucker punches him in the back of his ear. Joe was walking out, so it was all unexpected.  I jumped up. He jumped up. Security rushes him [Joe] on to the other side of that room, and completely forgot about Tahiry.

She went on to say:

You just ain’t gonna run around my crew, whoever’s around me, and think you’re going to roll up on anybody like that.

A love reunion may also be in the air. Apparently, there are eye witnesses who attended the Love & Hip Hop Reunion taping and they heard the two former love birds say they are working on reconciling.

So did Joe Budden break up with Kaylin Garcia.  Supposedly, because rumor has it she’s even moved out of his house already. Joe opened up to Radio.Com about his love triangle and regrets.

Are there moments that I would have wanted to go differently? Certainly. I wish that Kaylin and Tahiry wouldn’t have ended up scrapping on TV. But the reality is I did all I could to control what I could in that situation to try to make it go a different way and it didn’t. I controlled what I could and that’s me. I’m powerless over what they do. “Are there moments that I would have wanted to go differently? Certainly. I wish that Kaylin and Tahiry wouldn’t have ended up scrapping on TV.But the reality is I did all I could to control what I could in that situation to try to make it go a different way and it didn’t. I controlled what I could and that’s me. I’m powerless over what they do. If you live with regrets you will die with them, too. If you  change one thing in the world, even the smallest thing, it changes the course of  everything after. All of my yesterdays make my today. So, no regrets at all. I  love today. I love the path that got me where I am today.

Stay tuned, the reunion seems like its going to be exciting and scandalous.


Mar 2013 13


Joe Budden and Consequence get into a fight at the tapping of  the L&HH reunion show filmed in New York City last night. It all happened during a break in taping, when Joe Budden and Tahiry left out for a  smoke break. According to reports, that’s when the disgruntled former G.O.O.D. Music rapper smacked Joe in the back of the head before running for cover.  Tahiry defended her friend, punching Consequence before he ran. He tweeted about the altercation, saying:

“Just Smacked The SHIT outta @JoeBudden at the #LHHReunion Everybody have a Nice Day…. #QueensAllDay”

Joe Budden said things happen differentl. He took to Twitter, saying:

“During break Tahiry & I were headed outside to smoke.. Dude came behind, jumped & hit me as I’m walking away, Tahiry snuffs him, he runs…..It was the most pussy display ever seen from a nigga to be quite honest… & it’s all on tape, so y’all can see the pussy shit 4 yourself.”

Funk shared a flick of the brawl that you can see below, saying:


“Nigga Cons in here super pussy… Hitting niggas in the back of the head when they ain’t looking… Now he’s afraid to knuckle up with buddens!!! Really????”

Joe Budden further  tweeted:

Hope son ight, I was headed home & seen dude talking to police while Jen was crying.. #QueensAllDay tho. Dude was so quick to tweet about that sucka punch…… not so much now.”

Cons responded and  confirmed the fight:

“@JoeBudden Y’all hit like bitches #straightlikethat Actually Tahiry hit me harder nigga. I told the Police that I don’t press charges.”

Jan 2013 28

chris-brown-frank-oceanLast summer Chris Brown and Frank Ocean  had a lil beef on Twitter, with Tyler, The Creator later getting involved, but it seems like they patched things up until now. Brown and Ocean got into a fight at a studio in LA Sunday night, with the latter tweeting about the incident after it happened.

The altercation reportedly began over rights to a parking space at Westlake Studio where both artists were recording. TMZ reports that Frank Ocean and his entourage blocked Chris Brown’s path as he tried to exit the studio on Sunday night, reportedly telling him, This is my studio, this is my parking spot.” Apparently, Chris tried to calm things down by trying to shake Frank’s hand, but was attacked by a member of his crew which resulted in Brown and Ocean getting into a fight.

Frank Ocean was the first to discuss the fight, he tweeted on Sunday night, “Got jumped by Chris and a couple guys. Lol. I only wish Everest was here.” later adding, “Cut my finger now I can’t play w/two hands at the Grammys.”

No arrests have been made, but currently Frank Ocean seems to be the victim, after a brawl that reportedly involved 6 men. The details about what happened after that initial confrontation are not concrete.

Nov 2012 28

Rumor has it that members from Chief Keef‘s crew got into a fight with Lil Wayne‘s YMCMB crew. According to Mediatakeout.com, a few months back, Chief Keef called Wayne “gay” on an online video — and ever since, beef has been brewing between the two.

A member of YMCMB told the site that earlier this week at Miami’s club Dream, a member of Chief’s crew got in YMCMB president Mack Maine‘s face in the VIP. Security broke it up, but then someone threw a bucket of ice at Mack Maine.

  • Birdman then stepped in and broke everything up. An insider said, “For a second, it looked like it was about to be a problem. But [Chief Keef’s] GBE boys left and everyone continued like nothing happened.”

Nov 2012 12

Reports say that Cee-Lo Green was involved in a physical altercation with two women last year in Miami Beach. According to TMZ.com, according to law enforcement, the women told cops that they met the Voice judge at a nightclub and were invited back to his hotel room. Once they got there, one of the women started to argue with Cee-Lo and that is when he asked them to leave. Cee-Lo and another witness told cops that the women were both intoxicated.

According to the report, Cee-Lo started to walk one of the women out of the room. One of the women called him a “fat motherf**ker.” He then responded, “You need to leave, b*tch.” Cee-Lo and the women then started to argue outside and it turned physical. Cee Lo claimed that the woman started to punch and slap him in his face and they started fighting. Witnesses say that the other woman jumped Cee Lo from behind and started hitting him in the head.

  • Police were called, but they couldn’t determine who started the fight — so they determined that it was mutual. No one was arrested.
  • A few weeks back, Cee-Lo was accused of sexually assaulting a woman.

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