Lady Gaga On Plastic Surgery
Apr 2011 14

Lady Gaga says she has never had plastic surgery — and doesn’t ever plan to. The singer told Harper’s Bazaar that she will never go under the knife.

She said, “I have never had plastic surgery, and there are many pop singers who have. I think that promoting insecurity in the form of plastic surgery is infinitely more harmful than an artistic expression related to body modification. I am an artist, and I have the ability and the free will to choose the way the world will envision me.”


Even though Lady Gaga says she is able to resist the pressures of plastic surgery, she admits that the allure of Hollywood did tempt her to move there. The New York native relocated to Los Angeles to become part of the Hollywood scene but things just didn’t work out.

She said, “I had all these No. 1 records, and I had sold all these albums, and it was sort of this turning point: Am I going to try and embrace Hollywood and assimilate to that culture? I put my toe in that water, and it was a Kegel-exercise vaginal reaction where I clenched and had to retract immediately. I ran furiously back to New York, to my old apartment, and I hung out with my friends, and I went to the same bars.”

Meanwhile, for Lady Gaga’s 666 tweet yesterday (April 13) she paid tribute to Iron Maiden. She tweeted, “The Number of the Beast. Having’ beers listening to Maiden w the New York Boys. Happy 666 Twitterland.”

Hill Harper Gives Tips On Communicating With Your Partner; Denies Dating Dollicia Bryan
Feb 2011 14

With so many relationships failing these days, Hill Harper has revealed that he wrote his book The Conversation, to help get the lines of communication open between men and women. According to the actor/author, one reason that most relationships don’t work out is due to both men and women bringing baggage to a relationship and don’t deal with their issues. Hill has revealed one way to break the cycle is to have “the conversation,” which happens on three levels. The first level is to have a conversation with yourself which, Hill described as the “look in the mirror stuff, that’s the real hard stuff,” where you need to be open and honest with yourself and bring forth the issues with yourself and your issues with your relationships. The second level is the conversation with your partner — which is where you bring forth the issues you found during the conversation with yourself and other issues that you may have in your relationship.

The third level of the conversation is to have a conversation with the greater community — which is your friends, family and community in general. Hill revealed that this is important because if you and your partner are working out your issues, you can still be influenced by your friends, family and their relationship issues. Hill added that during any level of the conversation, being honest is critical. Hill also revealed that couples should use any tools they need to to communicate better. He said, [“Use whatever tools you can, whether it’s a book like my book, The Conversation, whether it’s a therapist, or whether it’s a movie. Go to a movie and talk about how the couple communicates in the movie. I was dealing with a long distance relationship and I saw that movie ‘Going the Distance’ and it allowed she and I to have a conversation about our relationship, because watching that film made us both realize that what we were going through wasn’t unique . . . And so we were able to use a film for a jump off point for a conversation. There’s so many different ways you can do it, but it’s about being open and willing and wanting to communicate. And if you develop so much baggage with somebody already, that folks are starting to get closed off, then you have to be even more aggressive and figure out new and different ways.

Hill’s The Conversation is in stores now.

Hill Harper Denies Dating Dollicia Bryan

Actor and author Hill Harper has denied dating model and video vixen
Dollicia Bryan. He insisted that they are just friends and that he is
dating someone else. He said, [“She’s a hardworking mom, who’s trying to
do the best she can and I’m trying to help her in whatever way that I can
and we’ve actually talking about doing a project . . . meeting about doing
a project that she had an idea about. And I like the project and it may be
something we can get off the ground. But, no, she and I are just friends,
there’s actually somebody else I’m been dating . . . we’ll see if people
can discover who that is . . . Not who people have been blogging about,
that’s for sure.”]

Khloe Kardashian: ‘I’m The Fat, Ugly Sister’
Feb 2011 11

Khloe Kardashian is well aware of her public reputation. She told LOVE magazine, “I’m the ugly sister. I’m the fat one. I’m the transvestite. I have had those mean things said about me at least twice a day for the last five years. “She admitted, “It’s horrible, you know? But I can brush that stuff off.”

Khloe recently opened up about struggling with her body image. She told fans in a video post, “One of the biggest struggles of my life is my weight. My weight is always going up and down, and I’m always fighting that, and I think that no matter what I do, I’m never going to look good enough to everybody else.” One person who thinks she look good? Husband Lamar Odom. The two recently released a sexy commercial for their unisex fragrance “Unbreakable.”

Gabriel Aubry Reportedly Doesn’t Want Anyone Referring To Their Daughter As ‘Black’!
Feb 2011 07

Reports say that Halle Berry’s ex Gabriel Aubrey allegedly “went nuts” any time someone would refer to their daughter Nahla as “black.” According to, sources connected to the couple said that whenever Gabriel would read a story about Nahla that referred to her as “Black,” he would go off, insisting his baby was white and told Halle and others they should demand a “retraction” when such references were made regarding his daughter.

As previously reported, sources said that Gabriel has called Halle the “N’ word – and one woman previously involved with him referred to him as a “borderline racist.”

In other news, reality star Kim Kardashian has responded to her name being dragged into Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubrey’s feud. When asked about it, she said, “I’d rather not comment on that,” Last week, Halle’s rep issued a statement to People, stating that the actress had dropped out of New Year’s Eve to focus on her “serious concerns” about Nahla’s well-being while in Aubry’s care

Lindsay Lohan In Trouble Over Stolen Necklace
Feb 2011 03

Lindsay Lohan is in trouble yet again. A shop owner in Venice, California recently filed a police report, accusing the actress of stealing a $2,500 necklace from her store. reported that the case against Lohan is “strong” and criminal charges will likely be filed against the starlet — who is currently on probation. reported that a friend of the actress’s turned the necklace into police earlier this week, shortly before police executed a search warrant at her home. Supposedly there is surveillance footage of Lindsay wearing the necklace in the store and a photo of her wearing it again a week later.

A law enforcement source told the website, “Lindsay is being accused of stealing high end jewelry. A search warrant was requested Tuesday at the Airport Court to search Lindsay’s house for the item of jewelry in question. Lindsay has been photographed and there is video of her wearing the jewelry she is accused of stealing.” The LAPD reportedly handed their file to the D.A.’s Office on Wednesday. Lindsay is due in court on February 25 for a probation hearing.

Lindsay’s Dad Denies Accusations

Michael Lohan spoke out to deny the accusations surrounding his daughter. He told, “Although I don’t really like commenting on my daughter and this time has been a very stressful time, none of us need this added stress to our lives. I’m not going to let people continue to distort things: Lindsay never stole a necklace.”

He explained that “people give Lindsay things all the time on consignment and when they need to be returned, they’re returned. Bottom line — that’s it.”

A Lindsay source told TMZ that the starlet gave it back to a stylist, but the stylist neglected to return it on time. Supposedly the stylist is the one who returned it to the LAPD.

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