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Lil-Kim-Goes-In-On-Wendy-WilliamsLil Kim has been ranting about the blogs and paparazzi photo-shopping her photos to transform her look.  Wendy Williams decided to respond to Lil Kim, yesterday on her show during the “Hot Topics” segment. She made more fun of Lil Kim, and told her it was her plastic surgeon’s fault and not the paparazzi:

“Do you want to talk about Lil Kim and that face of hers? *sips drink and almost spits it out laughing* Okay. Lil Kim has been making headlines because of her dramatic new look. It’s not necessarily a new look, it’s been over a course of maybe the last decade. She’s just been getting stuff it looks like done, done, filled, filled — it’s pulled so tight now Kim it looks like a pin would just pop ya. Kim is claiming that the blogs have been altering her pictures and have been sabotaging her image for years. Let me just say I agree with Kim on this particular one and then I will dial it back and tell you what I really think.”

“Kim, in my mind I knew your goal was to always look like LaToya Jackson. You’ve out-LaToyaed LaToya in your new look. Don’t blame photoshopping, blame your plastic surgeon girl.”

Kim fired back on Twitter and even mentioned Biggie.

“B–ch Y didn’t U show the side by side pic. This pic is photoshopped & U know it. U hating B–ch A bad angle will never make me look like that…Stop hating on me because U sucked Big’s d–k & he didn’t want nothing to do with yo a– after that… It’s time for the world to know the real. I’m not playing with yo a– no more. Let’s Get it!!!!”

Catch what Wendy said below (begins at the 3:45 mark

Mar 2013 11

Lil-Kim-Fur-coat-2013Lil Kim is not having it! The rap diva filed a huge lawsuit against her former lawyers over botched business deals. According to The New York Daily News, Kim has claimed that her ex attorney Sunny Barkats and his partner Andrew Ro has swindled her out of “valuable trademark and branding rights” related to liquor, makeup, and fashion endorsements.

  • The $1 million suit has claimed that Sunny and Andrew tricked her into transactions that gave them a 44% stake in a corporation formed to license her brand names. Sunny has claimed that the suit is a “frivolous” attempt for her to break their contract.


The Queen Bee also stung Mediatakeout for saying that her face was “distorted” in recent pictures of her leaving MTV studios this week. Her rep CJ Carter said in a statement, “We would like to inform fans, the media, and the general public that this is nothing more than the blog site doing its best to conjure up much needed publicity and what better way to do so, than to take an American music icon and create a fictitious platform in which to disrespect and humiliate. We at Team Lil Kim are not taking this lying down and are taking this matter very seriously.”

Kim also chimed in via Twitter, “TeamlilKim, I’ve put up with lies & bullsh*t from the blogs for too long. Years & years they have been photo shopping pics of me & sabotaging my image. I’m not putting up with that sh*t no more. All they have been proving is im THAT b*tch with or without an album out & they always want to attack & bring down the real ones. Today was the last straw.”

  • She continued, “You saw me on TV,people were posting pics all day . . . None of them looked the way that fake picture looked. Here is a side by side that shows the sh*t they did & a few more raw, unedited pics. You guys f*cked it up for all the Paps. F*ck outta here. None of y’all Paps is getting a pic now.”

Mar 2013 07


Tiffany Foxx drinks it up with her mentor Lil’ Kim in the hot video for their collaboration “Twisted.” The blonde vixen, who hails from St. Louis, gets dolled up and shows off her hot body while cozying up by the fireplace. She links up with a glamorous Kimmy, who rocks a Rapunzel braid and multiple wardrobe changes while delivering her guest verse.

“She is the sweetest person I’ve ever met,” the blonde vixen said of the Queen Bee. “She totally took me in. She embraces me.” The original song can be found on Tiffany’s debut mixtape Yellow Tape.

Oct 2012 31

Lil Kim pays respect to follow Brooklyn rapper ‘Jay-Z’ on a recent collab with Tiffany Foxx, a female emcee from Bangladesh.  The track is featured on Tiffany’s mixtape, Yellow Tape

“Allow me to reintroduce myself, the name’s Queen Bee,” raps the Brooklyn diva. “I’m at the Barclays Center front row, man/ I’m sitting so close, a bitch looking like the coach.”

Check out the track below!

Jun 2012 21

Lil Kim has reportedly dissed rapper Drake while defending R&B crooner Chris Brown.

For those who remember Drake mocking Lil Kim back in 2010 during her feud with Nicki Minaj, there has always been bad blood between the two.

As reported on That Grape Juice, Kim stated her own opinions on the feud between Drake and Chris and is reported as having said the following about the YMCMB rapper:

“I mean, people are so hard on Chris (Brown). He made a mistake, he owned up to it, and he and Rihanna have moved on with their lives. But since that incident it’s so easy to blame Chris. What I know about Drake is he is bitch-made.

Meaning he’s an instigator, and a p*ssy. He had no issue stepping to Lil Kim, I’m like five feet tall.

But he didn’t try stepping to Chris, a man, because he’s simply a coward. At the end of the day, you don’t gotta be a tough guy to be a rapper, but don’t dress up in Gangsta Drag when you a bitch.

Drake’s a bottom – y’all know what I mean when I say that.”

As of yet, Drake has not publicly responded to Lil Kim’s verbal jabs at him.

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