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Brandy has revealed the biggest lesson she’s learned from love so far. In an interview with, the “Wildest Dreams” singer said, “I think love is a beautiful thing. I don’t regret any of my experiences with love but I will say that one of my biggest lessons has been patience. You have to be patient with love. If you are committed, you have to hang in there through the rough times as well as through the good times. That’s all a part of your growth with love. So many of us are quick to leave when it’s bad or say, ‘I can’t take it anymore’ or ‘I don’t want to be with you’ and that kind of thing.”

  • She continued, “You have to give someone a chance. You have to compromise and be understanding. If you are really in it, be in it and go forward. You have to really treat this person like they are a part of your family. I finally found the person that I want to stick with it with. Whatever the circumstance, I want to try to work through it.”


She also revealed what initially attracted to her to her boyfriend Ryan Press. She said, “[Ryan] was really quiet so that made me more interested in what was going on in his mind. Of course, right away, I was attracted to him, I just couldn’t figure him out, and he was challenging and mysterious. Then when I really got a chance to get to know him, I realized that we shared a lot of the same things in common like we were both very family oriented, he loves his mom which is a great thing and he had a lot of respect for me and he really loves music as well.”

She added, “We just connected, and I started feeling like I could talk to him about everything, I started to like who I was around him, I felt very beautiful around him, very sexy. When I introduced him to my daughter when I felt the time was right, I mean she just feel head over heels for him. My family loved him. My mom didn’t have one problem. My mom usually looks for something to be wrong just in case you got something up your sleeve, nobody is going to mess with her baby type thing. She didn’t have any of that. My brother ….My cousin who I am really close too, they are best friends now. It’s just weird how everybody, and me as well, we’ve all just kind of embraced him and he’s just a part of the family now.”

  • Brandy’s Two Eleven is in stores now.


Jun 2012 29

Meek Mill, Stalley and Omarion of Maybach Music Group have opened up their experiences with women and heartbreak. In an interview with, when asked what they thought was sexy about women, Meek said, “Pretty girls, man. All shapes, lightskin, darkskin, just beautiful girls. I’m face first and then it don’t even matter after that.” Stalley said, “It’s a lot. See I’m weird. I like teeth. I like a pretty smile. Also, I just like personality. I like a girl that can talk to you about sports and then current events. And of course a nice body.”

Omarion chimed in, “I like an attitude. They don’t mess with every n-gga they come across. Confidence, cleanliness. Those are the two things that stand out in my mind. If you fly and you clean, that’s awesome.”

  • They also discussed how they’ve reacted to getting their heart broken by a woman. Meek said, “(Drops head)…In the house stressing, pulling out my hair man, about to blow my brains out.” Meek then said he was kidding — and never had his heart broken. Stalley replied, “I don’t get heartbroken anymore. I’m numb to all that. I don’t think anything can get to me or bother me to where I’m sick. I’ve only been this way maybe for a year.”
  • Omarion said, “I can’t get my heart broken any more. I can only be disappointed. Because when you understand someone and they aren’t taught how to love, you can only love them for who they are. You can’t expect them to be more.”

Dec 2011 22

Robin recently spoke with Essence about interracial love.

On how it feels to know that people are getting married and making babies to his music:
It’s actually the best thing. It’s nice if you can make someone drop it like it’s hot, or pop a bottle. But we’re always dropping it and popping it. What I realize about the difference between me and my peers — you know, Chris Brown and Drizzy Drake and all my musical peers — is that they haven’t been with the same woman for 18 years and I’ve been with a Black woman for 18 years. I’ve never dated a White woman. Don’t want to. I’ve never been on a date with a White woman. When you have that relationship and that means the most to you — you know I can’t live without that woman, she is my muse, my best friend, and my creative partner. I didn’t have a great relationship with my mom and she didn’t have a great relationship with her dad and we became that for each other. She’s my mama and I’m her daddy. I even call her mama and she calls me daddy. We are that to each other.

The media often tells Black women that they’re better off dating White guys. What’s your response to that?
I think that’s ridiculous. There are so many good Black men out there that are hardworking, decent, and handsome, you know? To start that rumor is as bad as starting any other negative rumor. There are great Black men out there. There are only a few good White men — trust me. (Laughs) Good luck finding a good White man who understands your journey. I only have three White friends. I’ve got 20 Black male friends, who are all good men who take good care of their wives, and good care of their children. I know amazing Black men. Maybe the women have to take better care of their men. Maybe you’re being too stubborn. Maybe you’re not saying you’re sorry. You have to take good care of him, too. You have to give love to get love.

Nov 2011 29

Are you in love or lust? Sometimes we can confuse the two. According to Madamenoire.comwhen we get to the point of feeling attachment and a more long-term phase of love, our bodies generate more oxytocin (known as the “hormone of love”).

  • Lust, on the other hand, is more dependent on sex drive and an appetite for sex. So what are you experiencing now; love or lust? Check out these signs that you’re in lust, or if it’s really love.

It’s lust if…

1. Deep Conversation Isn’t Very Important

  • When you’re developing strong feelings for a guy or are already in love with him, you usually want to learn as much about him as possible, including information about his past and what he sees himself doing in the future. You’ll reveal deeply personal information about yourself as well. If you find yourself not opening up to your man because you don’t want to, your feelings are likely more lusty than loving.

2. You See Each Other More In Bed Than Out of It

  • Sex is important in a relationship, but so is spending more together out of bed, and with clothes on. When it seems like quality time consists of late night visits or lunchtime quickies, the relationship may lean more toward sex than marriage.

3. There’s No Breakfast

  • Although the beginning stages of a relationship typically consist of parting ways right after sex or first thing in the morning, there is eventually an invite to either stay the night or do something non-sexual after waking up in the morning. When feelings start moving past the lust stage, there’s usually a point where you get breakfast after spending the night together, not only because you’re hungry but because you want just a little longer with that person before going home.
  • It could even consist of a suggestion to catch a movie later in the day, or meet up for lunch. The point is that you truly enjoy each other’s company and want to get to know the other person during the daylight.

4. You Don’t See Him in Your Future

  • Talking to your guy about having a future together usually doesn’t happen in the early stages of the relationship, but that doesn’t mean you don’t at least consider the possibility. When you are in love with a guy, you see him as part of your future, whether it’s at your birthday next year or putting a wedding ring on your finger in the distant future.
  • There may be a reason you can’t picture him by your side and it’s even worse if you know you don’t want him there

5. He Hasn’t Met Your Family

  • Part of getting serious in a relationship involves going to important gatherings together and meeting each other’s family. If you’ve been together for a while and you haven’t wanted him to meet your family or accompany you to any important family events, it’s a sign that what you feel is more likely lust than love.
  • For some it’s easy to differentiate between lust and love, but for many it’s more difficult. When it comes to feelings, it’s better to know where you stand than to prolong it. It can save a lot of heartache for the both of you, especially if one is leaning more toward love and the other just doesn’t feel the same way.

It’s love if…

1. You Enjoy Each Other’s Time

  • When real feelings develop, you find yourself wanting to spend quality time together,outside of having sex. You might get lost in your conversations and the hours together pass like minutes.
  • When you’re in love with a man, you actually listen to what he says and truly care about how he feels and what he does. If you’d rather have him around, even if it’s just going to the supermarket, that no around, you can bet you’re on your way to falling in love.

2. You Just Want Him to Be Happy

  • You want to honestly listen to each other’s feelings and make each other happy. You experience the strange feeling that your life would be totally empty without him and if someone says anything even slightly disparaging about him, you find yourself immediately defending him. Furthermore, in social gatherings, you tend to agree with him and lift him up in front of your friends and peers.

3. You Want Him to Meet Your Family and Friends

  • If you’re experiencing love, he will tend to motivate you to be a better person. You want to meet his family and friends and feel like you want to be part of his future. It becomes very important to you that your parents like him as well and that he gets along with everyone close to you. If you want to integrate him into your life and social circle, you are probably not only lusting for him, but also developing real feelings.

Nov 2011 08

Amber Rose has revealed that Wiz Khalifa convinced her to work on her own music. She told that she’s been in the studio in NYC working on music. She said, “My sound is more house, club music. My inspirations are Missy, Pitbull, Fergie . . . I want to make really fun, high-energy music that will make you dance. Everyone knows I’m from Philly, it’s a very musical city. I grew up with my mom playing music all day long, before school, after school, during dinner.”

She continued, ” . . . I’ve always written music, but it was very personal for me. But I sat and had a conversation with my beautiful boyfriend Wiz, and showed him and he was like, ‘Baby, you’re so talented. You could really do this.’ And he just gave me inspiration and I’m really taking it serious. You guys are going to love it.”

  • She also opened up about her relationship with Wiz. She said, “Me and Wiz, we love each other unconditionally. The love that I have for Wiz, and I know this is going to sound weird, is the love that you have for your child – they can do no wrong.”
  • She added, “No matter what happens or what goes on, that’s your family. And that’s how me and Wiz are. We love each other so much.”

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