Nov 2011 11

Mariah Carey might be the latest celebrity to take a dig at Kim Kardashian and her short lived marriage. While she was showing off her post-baby body at a press conference in New York City, Mariah discussed why her marriage with Nick Cannon works.

  • She said, “I’m a real person, I’m not going to put on a fake face for Hollywood. Sometimes we make each other mad, that’s why we aren’t divorced after four months. I’m sorry, I’m just saying. You know, I had a situation in the past where I was controlled, and I was really young, and it affected the way I trusted people. I had no team, besides my dog and my cat. Me and Nick we always joke, I’m an Aries, I need so much attention!”
  • However, Mariah insists that she wasn’t trying to insult Kim. Mariah told Extra, “First of all, I don’t read the tabloids unless it’s about me. And even then, when it is about me, I try not to read it unless it’s good. I don’t look at these people. I don’t even know what it is, but I do know that marriages come and go really quickly in Hollywood.”


Meanwhile, Mariah let her “real” self shine at the press conference as well. Perhaps the reason her and Nick have such a great relationship is because she makes sure to look her best at all times. Mariah also disclosed that during her pregnancy with now 6-month-old twins, Moroccan and Monroe, she felt she looked so bad she wouldn’t even let her husband see her naked body.

  • Mariah said, “I had a towel on in the tub … I’m not lying, I promise you! You think I would let Nick see me looking rancid like that? I had, like, no bones for a while. It’s important to me to feel my bones!”

Rumor: Is Rihanna Kicking It With Usher?
Apr 2011 22







There’s a rumor going around that Rihanna has a new man — and that man is Usher! According to OK! Magazine, the two are “romantically interested” in each other. They were photographed together at the Coachella music festival this past weekend. They also hit up the Armani Exchange and 944 Magazine after parties. An insider told the magazine, “Usher requested a table next to Rihanna. She arrived before Usher, with her bodyguards. Then a bit later Usher and his entourage arrived.”

The two mingled for the whole night and even had a fun competition. The source continued, “Usher and Rihanna were having a dance off. The crowd was going crazy, circling around them and cheering them on, with members of each celeb’s crew jumping in to take a turn.” Another source added, “They’re romantically interested in each other.”

According to Mediatakeout.com, a source said that the two were seen leaving Coachella together. The source said, “They were so flirty . . . they left holding hands.”

Usher’s rumored girlfriend Grace was also with him at Coachella.

Gossipcop.com has reported that Rihanna’s rep says that the story is untrue and the two are not dating.

Rumor: Nicki Minaj Breaks Up With Fiance
Apr 2011 18

Rumor has it that Nicki Minaj has broken up with her alleged fiance SB. According to Mediatakeout.com — who broke the news that Nicki was allegedly engaged to SB, has now reported that the two have decided to part ways. A source said that Scaff Beezy will continue on as her hype man/assistant, but they are “no longer romantically involved.”

While the site has no information on what happened, they say that the break up was very abrupt. Just last week, they were told that the couple was allegedly ready to start a family.

  • The site also reported that Nicki stopped wearing her engagement ring two weeks ago.


Nicki Minaj has revealed that she will not bring sex toys on tour with Britney Spears. Nicki — who is touring with Lil Wayne on The I Am Music II Tour, has made headlines by bringing sex toys on stage and giving lap dances to audience members and a few celebs.

She told MTV News about her decision to take out the sex toys. She said, “Of course I will adjust some things. I definitely will take away that one particular stage prop.” Nicki added that the music and set list will basically stay the same.

  • She continued, “We’ll add some stuff ’cause I got some new things coming out this summer, some new records.”

Rumor: Is Young Money Taking All Of Drake’s Money?
Apr 2011 15

Rumor has it that Young Money is taking all of Drake’s money. According to Mediatakeout.com, someone formerly affiliated with the label told the site that despite being one of the hottest rappers out, Drake is virtually broke. The insider said, “Drake has to pay [Lil] Wayne and [Baby] every time he performs a song, he also uses their security company, pays for travel through their agent, [etc]. I think all in all they take about 80% of his money.”

  • The insider continued, “And with whats left, he spends it on luxury cars like he has a $300,000 Lamborghini.”

Rumor: Lil Wayne Is Dating A Cougar
Apr 2011 12

Lil Wayne was photographed with his arm around a new, older woman at an after party for the I Am Music II Tour, which rolled in ATL this past weekend. According to Sandrarose.com, Wayne and the woman rarely left each other’s side in the VIP area of Compound all night. Spies said that although the woman kept a close watch on Wayne all night, she didn’t “blink an eye” when he showed love to his female fans.

All of the mothers of Wayne’s children — with the exception of Lauren London, attended the concert. The site said they were allegedly not happy that Wayne was giving all of his attention to the older woman and not them.

The site said that Wayne’s ex-wife Toya — who has moved on to MempHitz didn’t seem to care, but Sarah, the mother of his oldest son, 2-year-old Dwayne III was upset.

According to MissInfo.TV, the older woman that Wayne was photographed with was his stylist Marisa Flores — and he is not involved with her romantically.

In other news, according to Allhiphop.com, Wayne’s rep has confirmed that he will tour Canada, despite reports that said he may not make it into the country due to his criminal record. He is set to tour the West Coast of Canada later this month.

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