Jan 2013 24

futureciaraFuture has opened up about his rumored relationship with Ciara. Future didn’t confirm that they were in a relationship, but said that he thinks they can grow into something. He told Atlanta’s Posterchild J1, “She’s a beautiful woman, amazing, incredible, everything that comes with those words, that’s what she represents. I can tell you, all the negativity that comes with me and her is not true. Our personal lives is our personal lives. Sometimes people present it like it’s true and they think they have facts, but at the end of the day, we know what’s true and we know what’s not true and anything negative from that situation, we [are] not even representing that. What you see is what you get.”

He continued, “We are at a time where, I am on Epic, she’s on Epic, I love music, she loves music. And we love being in the studio with each other. We love being around each other and that’s just what it is. The chemistry is there. It’s amazing. She makes me happy, I make her smile. She’s a great woman.”

  • He added, “I believe at the end of the day, once the media passes over and all of the foolishness goes past, we gon’ be able to be good. And we gon’ be good. It’s only comments, rumors and certain speculations. As long as we have that understanding, no one can ever come between us.”
  • The negative rumors Future was referring to was surrounding him and his alleged longtime girlfriend — who reports say he got engaged to recently.

Jan 2013 17

Kim-and-BeyonceKim Kardashian has denied rumors that Beyonce can’t stand her. In an interview with Sway in the Morning, Kim said about Bey, “That is so not true. She’s one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. We’ve never even talked about [the feud]. It probably doesn’t come up in conversation because they get so many ridiculous stories brought to them of things that are true and not true. And vice versa.”

Kim also talked about being pregnant by Kanye West during her ongoing divorce from NBA player Kris Humphries. She explained, “Of course, I would love to be divorced. It’s been going on [for the] second year. That’s really tough because I wanna move on. The facts are I’m filing for a divorce, he’s suing for an annulment and the only legal way to get an annulment is if there’s fraud involved so he is claiming that I frauded him to marry him for publicity.”

  • She continued, “I knew the whole world was gonna bash me and I said to myself, what’s more important: my life and my happiness or what the whole world thinks of me? That would be vain. That would be fake. That would be doing it for publicity.”
  • Kim filed for divorce in October 2011 after 72 days of marriage.

Jan 2013 10

Nelly-and-Tae-Heckard-DatingIt seems like its official over for Nelly and Ashanti. The lovebirds have officially called it quits after 9 years of dating.  The rumor mill has been turning with rumors that Nelly is  dating model/actress Tae Heckard. The rumors have somewhat been confirmed after  Tae posted up a photo with Nelly on her Instagram.

The twosome have been friends since Nelly met Tae on a video set almost 10 years ago. The two remained friends and dated for a brief period, which led to Tae tattooing Nelly’s nickname “Mo” on her lower back.  The tattoo can be spotted in her 2005 spread in Smooth Magazine picture below.


Nov 2012 23
There have been many rumors circulating that Kimora Lee Simmons and  Djimon Hounsoun have broken up. The couple released several statements that there wasn’t any trouble in paradise. Unfortunately, just shy of their six-year anniversary together, the couple officially announced that they are done, and have been separated for some time now.

Kimora posted on twitter:

There have been quite a few hurtful rumors circulating. The truth is Djimon + I have been separated for some time. We have remained happy, loving, co-parenting friends + family. We all have much to be thankful for.

Djimon’s rep also released an official statement to PEOPLE stating:

Djimon Hounsou and Kimora Lee Simmons have officially separated after 5½ years. Though never married, they have one child together, Kenzo Lee Hounsou, who is 3½ years old.

According to reports in 2008, the couple were married in a traditional commitment ceremony in Benin (Djimon’s native country) and he was called her husband on her reality show, Life In The Fab Lane, however the two were never legally married in the United States.

Meanwhile, one of Kimora’s followers tweeted to her:

oh dear its so sad when people look up 2 u, this is the worst thing 2 happen. makes us think “marriage” means nothing 2day

And she responded:

Quite the opposite. It means I am like u. We all go th[rough] things. We do the best we can. We [keep] our heads #UP

Nov 2012 20

Mashonda — the ex-wife of Swizz Beatz, took to Twitter to respond to Alicia Keys recent interview with Jet Magazine. During the interview, Alicia said that she and Swizz started dating once he was separated from Mashonda. Mashonda wrote via Twitter, “‘Adding insult to injury’ This was derived from the fables of Phaedrus in the first century AD. Apparently it’s still alive in 2012.”

She then added, “You can’t create truth, it’s already made . . . .”

  • Alicia’s new album Girl on Fire hits stores next week.

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