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The repo man is looking for former “BBW” star Jennifer Williams because she’s late on her car note, in the amount of $92,310!

The Toyota Motor Credit Corporation in Syosset, NY has filed a lawsuit against former “BBW” star Jennifer Williams saying she’s been deliquent on her car payments for years!

The lawsuit alleges that Jen stopped sending payments for her used 2006 white Bentley way back in 2009!  So now, the company wants their car back and for Jen to pay the outstanding balance of $92,310!

One of Jen’s reps told TMZ that “Jennifer hasn’t been served documents in reference to this lawsuit. Anything related to community property acquired during the marriage, such as the car, is an issue that is currently being addressed in her divorce proceedings.”

So basically she wants Eric to come out of pocket.

First,  Jen was fired from her job, “BBW”  and now this.  Her friend Shaunie O’Neal recently addressed the firing, saying it was a production decision and she wasn’t involved.

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According to reports,  Kesha Nichols, Royce Reed & Jennifer Williams, have all been fired from the show.

Supposedly, Shaunie wanted to get rid of the dead weight.  Its no surprise that Jen has gotten axed, she she introduced lawsuits into the mix . The last person to do that was Meeka Claxton and she never returned to the show.

As for Kesha, she simply didn’t bring enough fans to watch the show.  As for Royce, the rest of the cast often refused to tape with her, and the fact she still is barred from saying her baby’s daddy Dwight Howard‘s name on the show, it was reportedly becoming a issue.

Shaunie claims to be trying extremely hard to push the show in a more positive direction for next season, but she keeps the most negative people on the show. VH1 has yet to confirm the three firings.

May 2012 30

Basketball Wives star Tami Roman appeared on The Wendy Williams Show yesterday (May 29th) to addressed her controversial feud with castmate Kesha Nichols. She told Wendy, ” . . . I am raising my two daughters and this particular incident really taught me a valuable lesson. I really wasn’t acknowledging the platform that VH1 and Shed [Media] had offered me and I wasn’t really being responsible. And for the first time, I looked at my daughters and they weren’t really proud of their mom; they were embarrassed of me.”

She continued, “They take a lot between the social media outlets and everything and I said, ‘You know what? It’s ridiculous that I’m on TV and I have a huge platform; I should be responsible, I should be accountable and I haven’t really been honoring that.'”

  • She then talked about the backlash she received from her feud, saying, “It was a difficult time because the truth of the matter is, I can’t let what someone is saying behind the scenes , what they’re doing, how they’re acting drive me to that level of frustration but a lot of that you guys really didn’t see. So at the end of the day, the only person I have to blame is me because I was the one who got up there and acted a pure fool. I’ve openly admitted that but I have since apologized to Kesha. I have tried to take the responsibility behind my actions.”
  • She added, “I can’t speak for the other girls; I can only speak for Tami and I’m making a personal vow that I will never see that look in my children’s faces again. I thank everyone who actually hit me up on twitter because they pulled my coat tail on it.”
  • Tami will return to the next season of Basketball Wives.

Tami seems to have been speaking very genuinely within this interview and her daughters are her motivation. The ladies on this show are constantly bickering, fighting, and it’s taking a toll on them. Tami has chosen to take the initiative to change her ways, because it has tainted her image and also damaged her daughters.

On the season finale, Shaunie also hit the brink when she consulted her Pastor about remaining on the show as it has tainted her image as a business woman. When asked if it’s worth her walking away, she said, “I have really strongly considered walking away. Do I walk away and, you know, love the ladies from a distance? Because I feel like there’s nothing else I can do… At this point, I can no longer defend it,  I can no longer stand by it. I’m going into business meetings and in the back of my head I’m wondering what they think about me. Especially, if it’s a black woman or man.”

These two ladies recognize the importance of integrity and carrying themselves in a way that people perceive them honorably. Basketball Wives put them in predicaments and surrounded them with individuals who took them out of character, but now they plan to take back their lives and make changes. Whether or not Tami will truly revitalize herself, or Shaunie will leave to maintain a positive image as a business woman will be determined next season. But, one thing that is evident is that the remaining Basketball Wives are all in need of a revelation.

May 2012 02

Shaunie O’Neal has reached out to Tracey Edmonds, Jumping The Broom Producer about developing a Basketball Wives movie.  The movie pitch was eventually picked up by Fox Searchlight films and is now in development with Jumping The Broom writer Elizabeth Hunter onboard to write the script. According to Variety, the plot will revolve around a young woman who relocates to Miami with her boyfriend after he gets drafted to the NBA.  The film is suppose to be based on the life of Shaunie and a few of her friends.

Tracey tells Variety:

The beauty of a feature film is that we’ll have the ability to dig much deeper into the stories and characters that come from this very colorful world and create a very juicy, action-packed narrative.


Are you interested in seeing a Basketball Wives movie?

Feb 2012 27

Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada is still talking about her former BFF Jennifer Williams — saying that she thinks she is better than everyone else. She told, “I am really good friends with Shaunie O’Neal, we were friends before the show, and Tami Roman. As of now, me and Jennifer are not friends and I don’t think I will ever reconcile the friendship,”

She continued, “In the first episode they talked about her being ‘bougie,’ when you are that person and you get a little bit of fame, you start believing the hype. She thinks she is better than everyone else.”

She also discussed her feelings for new cast members Kenya Bell and Kesha Nicols. She said about Kenya, “Most of the cast members feel she’s a little strange to say the least. She’s not really someone I would hang out with after filming, she’s not my type of person. I think her fakeness could definitely be Kenya’s demise.”

  • On Kesha she said, “Kesha always remained herself and didn’t change, she wasn’t trying to do anything to make her mark on the show, but with Kenya she is not being herself and tries really hard to fit in. When you come into a fourth season, you smell B.S. from far away. It’s best to be yourself, that’s why I took a liking to Kesha. She is a really sweet girl and always seems like she is the same person on and off of the set.”
  • Evelyn also revealed that Shaunie gets into a dispute with one of the cast members this season. She said, “Shaunie actually gets into a conflict with one the cast mates, she’s usually quiet and stays out of the mess. She did have an issue with one of the ladies on the show, and I think viewers will be surprised that she voiced that and who that person ended up being.”

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